Man In Peshawar Arrested For Wearing A Mask To Scare People

Apparently, the Police weren't much impressed by his way of celebration.1 min

Peshawar mask man arrested for scaring people
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Do you remember the story of a man who was arrested in Peshawar earlier this year for wearing a wolf costume mask to scare people away?

Well, something similar happened again earlier this week as another guy in Peshawar made an attempt to frighten pedestrians by wearing a scary mask.

Peshawar man arrested by police for ‘wearing mask to scare people’ 

Pakistani journalist Naila Inayat shared a short clip on Twitter where a man wearing a scary mask could be seen locked up in Police custody.

In the eight-second video shared by Inayat, the man could be seen standing behind the bars as he tries to remove the mask.

It so happened that this man wished to celebrate “Independence Day” by scaring people. Peshawar Police, however, noticed the man and arrested him.

“This guy arrested in Peshawar had plans to celebrate Independence Day by scaring people. Apparently, the police wasn’t much impressed. He was caught in his scary mask,” Naila said in her tweet.

Watch the video here:

In an additional tweet, Naila shared a picture of a Peshawar Police office holding the masked man handcuffed.

Comments poured in

Soon after the video was shared on Twitter, netizens flooded the comment section with bizarre and hilarious comments.

Some were of the view that the man shouldn’t have been handcuffed or arrested at all.

According to a Police spokesperson, the man was arrested for scaring women and children and teasing passers-by. He was released after a warning.

What happened back in January?

Earlier on January 1 this year, another man in Peshawar was arrested for wearing a wolf costume mask and scaring people away on New Year’s Eve.

Well, well!

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