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Ever Wondered Why The Names Of All Afridi’s Daughters Start With The Letter ‘A’?

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Our favourite Pakistani all-rounder and former national cricket captain, Shahid Afridi recently explained why the names of all his daughters start with the letter ‘A’. 

During a talk show aired on a private TV Channel, Afridi told Shahzad Roy, the host of the show, that there was a reason behind giving his daughters names that starts with the letter ‘A’.

“It was a mere coincidence,” the former cricketer said.

He further explained that when his first daughter was born, his father named her Aqsa. On the birth of the second daughter, Afridi said he named her Ansha because he liked that name. 

After the first two had been given names starting with an ‘A’, Afridi wanted to pick on the tradition and told his wife that all their children would be given names starting with ‘A’.

At that time, Afridi said, he had no idea that all his children would be girls and he would coincidentally end up giving them names starting with the letter A.

The former skipper has five daughters named Aqsa, Ansha, Arwa, Ajwa, and Asmara. 

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