Afghan Minister Younas Akhundzada meeting with Afghan Aid

Afghan Minister Calls On International Investors To Invest In Afghanistan Amidst Humanitarian Crisis

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KABUL: Mohammad Younus Akhundzada, Afghanistan’s interim Minister for Rural Rehabilitation and Development, has urged foreign investors to invest in various sectors during a meeting with the Afghan Aid organisation.

According to a statement from the ministry, Charles Davy, the head of the Afghan Aid organisation, met with the interim Rural Rehabilitation and Development minister.

Humanitarian help is essential for the Afghan people in these trying times, but Akhundzada insisted that work still needs to be done in the fundamental sectors.

Charles Davy, the leader of the Afghan Aid organisation, expressed hope regarding the provision of national aid in Afghanistan and added that both domestic and foreign aid organisations should stand with the Afghan people and continue providing essential aid.

However, Minister Akhundzada voiced his concerns that humanitarian aid alone is not enough to benefit the Afghan people in the long run. He urged both domestic and foreign investors to fund the nation’s infrastructure projects to help the nation get back on its feet.

According to sources, foreign investment has decreased to zero since the former regime was overthrown in August 2021. With the Taliban taking over Kabul, several development and rehabilitation projects sponsored by international organisations’ and donors have been left unfinished.

On the other hand, only China and Iran in the region have expressed interest in funding development and mining projects in Afghanistan.

Thankfully, Afghan Aid, an organisation based in the UK, has been working in Afghanistan for 40 years, providing assistance in a variety of fields such as agriculture, development, and accident prevention through both long- and short-term projects.

Let’s hope that with the help of Afghan Aid and foreign investors, Afghanistan can rebuild itself and emerge stronger than ever before.

Stasu Raaye

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