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Video: Barber Gives Haircut To Hospital Official In The Dialysis Ward While Patients Await

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Talk about getting a haircut in the wrong place at the wrong time! A video of a barber giving a haircut to a hospital official in the kidney ward of Mardan Medical Complex has gone viral, and let’s just say it’s not your typical hair salon setting. But what started as a routine trim quickly turned into a hair-raising incident that has everyone talking!

A video of a shocking incident has gone viral on social media, and it’s got everyone talking!

The video shows a barber giving a haircut to a hospital official in the kidney ward of Mardan Medical Complex. But what started as a simple haircut quickly turned into chaos.

The video was made by an attendant who was there with his mother, who is a dialysis patient seeking treatment. The attendant also complained that the hospital staff gets disrespectful when you ask them for help or complain about certain irregularities.

According to reports, a patient in the ward was undergoing dialysis when some of the staff left the room, leaving the machine on the patient. The machine started beeping, but the staff was nowhere to be found. This caused the patient to lose a lot of blood, leading to a serious situation.

As a result of this incident, the hospital administration has suspended five officials and launched an inquiry against them. A committee has also been formed to investigate the matter and prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

The committee will determine who is responsible for this incident and submit a report based on its recommendations to the hospital management. Until the inquiry is completed, the staff on duty were suspendeding including the dialysis technicians Hamid Rahim and Adil, and staff nurse Miss Nabia, along with a ward boy named Nauman, and the ward sweeper named Waled Baz.

The hospital administration also assured everyone that strict disciplinary action will be taken against those involved, and punishment will be given. And with the hospital recently shifting dialysis services to a newly constructed ward, they are trying to provide even better medical facilities to patients.

This shocking incident has certainly caused a stir, but we can only hope that the hospital administration takes the necessary steps to ensure that such incidents never happen again. Stay tuned for updates!

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