Wolfman In Peshawar: Man Arrested For Wearing Wolf Mask On New Year’s Eve

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Afghan refugees leave Khonabad, Kunduz province, the only province in northern Afghanistan under Taliban control, Nov. 21, 2001, as more than 10,000 Afghan Taliban troops and Pakistani, Arab and Chechen fighters loyal to Osama bin Laden are encircled in Kunduz, the group's last stronghold in the north.

One of the most important learnings of 2020 was wearing masks. To control the spread of the novel coronavirus, we all wore face masks. And this is one learning that we are all taking into 2021 also. However, some took it up by a notch and as a result, paid the price.

A man in Peshawar, Pakistan decided to wear a mask before going out, and enjoying New Year’s Eve of 2021. However, he was arrested by the police. Why, you ask? Well, the mask that he was wearing wasn’t the traditional protective equipment you have in mind. He instead wore a costume mask to scare off people. Yep. Now, he is going viral.


On New Year’s Eve, the man covered his face in a wolf mask to “prank” people on the last day of 2020. So, later, he was detained by the authorities.

The incident was shared on Twitter by Pakistani journalist Omar R Quraishi. He posted a photo in which the man, wearing the wolf mask, can be seen handcuffed and standing along with cops.

“Police in the Pakistani city of Peshawar arrest a young man on New Year’s Eve – for wearing a costume mask to scare people,” he wrote, while sharing the image.

After the bizarre incident was shared online, it instantly went viral and managed to garner more than 7.8k likes and 1.2k retweets. Netizens left hilarious comments under the post. While some appreciated the man for at least wearing a mask during corona times, others asked why he was arrested for wearing one.

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