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People Shared Some Of The Worst Architecture Designs Because Da Khu Bekhi Da Kar Na Dee

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Architecture designers often leave their signature mark in the project they are working on, but not necessarily in a good way every time.

People had a good laugh when a Twitter user Sarah J Schauer asked people to share the worst architecture design picture they have. Twitteratis came up with pictures in the comments will make you ROFL-ing.

Here are some of the responses that we found utterly hilarious:

1. RIP poor toothbrush

2. Stairway to Heaven..

3. The Sui-slide

4. “Alright so I called this meeting because our numbers are… Asad?”
“Yes boss?”
“Pass me some toilet paper will you?”

5. When you enclose the fridge in a wall because it is being too much like anarkali.

6. Brushing in the shower like a king is the only way to manage this one

7. That one team member who never contributes to the project.

8. You gotta swing on the light to get to the bonus stage

9. When you’re Pashtun and a pro-Pakistani but you gotta prove it to the Agencies

10. The royal throne. Only he who is worthy can give a sh*t.

11. ss

12. Walking up these stairs would be an extreme sport bruh

13. Can it get fancier than this?

14. How on earth are you gonna get there to wash clothes?

15. The real challenge to use both at once.

Have you ever seen something any worse than this? Let us know in the comments.

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