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Malala Just Tweeted About The New Apple iPhone 11’s Launch And The Internet Had A Lot To Say

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Apple just launched a series of new gadgets including the all-powerful iPhone 11 series and the 7th Gen iPad, which means it is time for the tech conspiracy theorists to go off about their current phones glitching. Every Apple launch event gives the social media a lot to talk about and, of course, gives us lots and lots of memes.

After the launch event, people took it to Twitter and shared memes about the triple-camera the new iPhone 11 has and how they are going to afford it.

Among the memes and gossips, what caught most people’s attentions was our very own Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai who also jumped on the bandwagon and shared a photo of what she was wearing and tweeted “Is this just a coincidence that I wore this dress on the same day as Apple iPhone 11’s launch?”

Malala shared a photo of her bright blue dress featured a pattern similar to that of the iPhone11 Pro

Soon after her tweet, many followed and had their part in the banter about Apple’s newest offering.


While some people questioned her silence over the Kashmir issue

How could the conspiracy theorists take a back seat? They shared their two cents.

Besides Malala, many others also shared comparisons that had us ROFL

And inevitably, the age-old kidney jokes were thrown

Android users were certainly also dragged

Jokes aside, Are you that much crazy about getting your hands over the iPhone 11?If yes, start saving up and DON’T SELL ANYTHING because that will actually help you in getting it.

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