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Powerful Photo Of A Young Girl From Waziristan Playing Football Breaks The Internet

Kicking the hell out of terror and patriarchy with style.

For the past few days, a picture has been circulating on social media which shows a little school girl playing football in a ground surrounded by boys.

Viewers were amazed by the fact that she was the only girl in a ground full of boys, and that too in a male-dominant and conservative society.

According to sources, the schoogirl in the viral photo playing football is Asma Hafiz, a third grade student who belongs to Wana Tanai, a small conservative town in ​​South Waziristan.

Asma Hafiz hopes to get proper education and become a doctor one day. But, unfortunately, the lack of schools in her area is a hurdle for a lot of aspiring girls like Asma who wishes for a better future.

Hamza Hafiz, Asma’s brother says, “We are very happy to see that our sister is bringing forward a positive image of our area. We want her to get higher education but the lack of schools in the area is a big issue for us.”

Hamza added there is no government school for children in their area. There is one government school, however, but it has been closed for many years now; and the school where Asma goes to is a private school located 2 km away from their house.

He further claimed that boys and girls there are studying together in the only private school available. Since there is no Secondary school for girls in their area, girls drop out after fifth grade and can not study further.

Hamza and his parents want Asma Hafiz to study and become a doctor one day and serve their people since there is no female doctor in the area. They want Asma to become a doctor and serve the area.

The war-torn Waziristan, where daily bombings and terrorist activities have forced the locals to live in uncertainty, is now seeing a dawn of a new era — with the people rooting for girl’s right to education and security forces cracking down on terrorist groups.

Asma appeared as a light-bearer of hope, sending the world a message that the Pashtuns of Waziristan are peaceful and that girls are no less than anyone.

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