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Breaking Barriers: The Inspiring Story Of Resham Jahangir, Mardan’s First Ever Female Police Officer

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In a first, a female police officer joins the Mardan Police Department. Resham Jahangir, a young female police officer, has become the first ever female officer in the history of Mardan Police to be commissioned on duty.

This is Resham Jahangir’s first appointment after passing the CSS examination, and she is proud to have made history as the first woman police officer in Mardan. Hailing from the Punjab’s Gujranwala Division, Resham Jahangir is the eldest among her siblings. She credits her father’s support for her success in education and her achievement of passing the CSS exam.

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After being appointed, Resham has it her mission make sure women feel comfortable approaching the police and sharing their problems. In this regard, she has established a women’s desk in the police circle of Sheikh Multoon. The women’s disk has been activated it in all police circles throughout the district where lady constables are available. This means women can now easily report their problems and issues to female constables without any hesitation.

Resham Jahangir is making waves with her outstanding performance and commitment to serving her community.

As a woman in the police force, Resham is well aware of the problems women often face in our society. Therefore, she has taken the initiative of conducting short workshops every month to educate the independent staff in her police stations about how they should treat women. The police staff has been trained accordingly to ensure the safety of women.

Morever, she has also released messages on social media to raise awareness about women’s rights and help them with social problems.

ASP Resham Jahangir recieving gift from a fellow officer of the Abbottabad Police during a farewell ceremony.
ASP Resham Jahangir recieving gift from a fellow officer of the Abbottabad Police during a farewell ceremony (12 Sept, 2022. Unique Force / YouTube)

When a woman walks in to register a complaint with the Police, Resham always tries to inquire about the complainant’s interaction with the police station workers. If the woman is not satisfied, Resham works to change how the workforce treats women.

Owing to Resham’s tireless efforts, women can now approach the police without much hassle and lodge complaints without fear. She has also made statements in open court and on social media to promote women’s rights and assist them in resolving societal issues.

But Resham isn’t stopping there! She walked the extra mile to protect women from harassment in bazaars.

Resham and her team have deployed lady police officers in plain clothes and uniforms in different markets where women shop to protect them from harassment during outdoor shopping. They’ve even shared complaint cell numbers for women facing harassment.

To make it easier for women to report harassments, Resham has shared her official phone number which is exclusively for women to register complaints. This is especially useful in caseses where the victim women hesitate to walk in to the police station due to cultural or other reasons.

female police officers in mardan
Police women train in Mardan city in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province on March 5, 2019. (AN photo)

Despite being in the job for only five months, she has managed to win the hearts of the people with her professionalism and empathy. According to sources, men in the area have not felt uncomfortable with her presence and she has not received any complaints so far. Resham Jahangir’s awareness of the culture and values of the region has enabled her to perform her duties with utmost care and sensitivity.

Resham Jahangir’s appointment has brought about a positive change in the community, making it easier for women to report their problems and complaints without hesitation. Her efforts to raise awareness about women’s rights and protect them from harassment during Eid shopping are truly commendable.

Resham’s dedication and hard work have made her an inspiration for women in the area, and she continues to pave the way for more women to join the police force. We can’t wait to see what she does next!

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