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The New Lady AC Of Mardan Is A Totall Badass And People Are Hailing Her All Over Social Media

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This badass female assistant commissioner is the iron lady we need right now.

If you did not hear the name Gul Bano before, hold tight because who we are introducing you to, is gonna leave you awestruck for many reasons. 

Meet Gul Bano, who took #PashtunTwitter on storm as she became the first ever female to take office of the assistant comissioner Mardan.

Gul Bano Assistant Comissioner Mardan

The qualities that will carry you through to achieve your goals are often the same ones that are necessary for becoming a great officer as well. She has qualities and traits of being brave, dauntlessness, dedication and preciseness.

Ms. Gul Bano has become the first-ever lady assistant commissioner to be appointed in Mardan.

She is a CSP officer who qualified for Pakistan Administrative Services and assumed the role of a district administration officer in the Mardan district. She was transfered from Hariour to Mardan last week and after taking formal charge she started working in the office.

Gul is clearly an epitome of women’s power in a society where females are mostly restricted to households. She is paving the way for women in such roles which are considered widely to be male-centric.

Her pictures recently started making rounds on the internet and people applauded her for her bravery

Man, oh man, doesn’t she look badass?

Badass Gul Bano

JAVED AFRIDI also seemed delighted to see confident peghle taking over

LMAO this never gets old.

Well, umm.. she got LOOKS too and people were quick to notice that

Truly a gul, indeed!

OKAY this is getting too far..

Anyway, Mardan isn’t her first, girl has also been the first lady AC in Kohat and the first ever female to hold a khuli katchery

Seems like our iron lady isn’t new to the girl power game. People confirmed her great services as an assistant commissioner at Kohat too.

She is also the first ever female to host a khuli katchery. During her posting at Kohat, Ms Bano held khuli katchery for women in Urban-III Jangal Khel and heard their problems regarding public departments.

People on Twitter told of her excellent services in Kohat as well:

In a society like ours, where public places are widely dominated by men and women harassment in public is a major issue, we need more women in powerful positions to pave the way to women empowerment and implement laws to make public spaces more welcoming and safer for women.

What do you think of Gul Bano and the job she is doing? Let us know in the comments.

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