Students wearing shuttlecock burqas

Parents Outraged As Female Students Were Forced To Keep Their Burqas On During Their Summer Exams

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Eight female students from various schools were allegedly seated in the boys’ examination room due to the alleged negligence of the Dera board authorities in the Tank district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The parents of the female students recorded their protest against the board officials and demanded the removal of board controller Dr. Tahirullah Jan and the concerned staff.

The roll numbers for the Islamiat papers of the girl students were allegedly issued at the Zam Public School Boys Centre due to the negligence of the Dera Board authorities in Tank, forcing eight female students to sit in the boys’ hall.

In an interview with a local news publication, the father of a girl student in the 10th grade said that the students were forced to sit in the boys’ hall despite there having a separate facility for males and females. He further added that the superintendent and deputy superintendent had supervised another exam a day before where male and female students were given separate exam halls. However, the next day, the roll numbers were mixed up and, they did nothing to make corrections.

He claimed that despite learning about the situation a day earlier, the superintendent and deputy superintendent of the male and female halls failed to inform the board, and as a result, our daughters were forced to wear shuttlecock burqas in the sweltering heat, which negatively impacted the quality of their papers.

The parents have demanded that immediate action be taken against all involved persons including Controller Board Dr. Tahirullah Jan, Superintendent Male Zam Hall Tariq Khan, and Superintendent Female Zam Hall.

An attempt was made to get in touch with the Controller Board’s Dr. Tahirullah Jan in this regard, but no response was received from him; however, another accountable board member confirmed the incident and said that it had been corrected, adding that such errors would not occur again in the upcoming papers.

Stasu Raaye