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Reham Khan Might Be Planning To Become A Singer And We Aren’t Sure How We Feel

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Almost 4 years on from their divorce, Reham Khan is still not over her Imran Khan yet. She still seems upset about her breakup. And by the looks of it, she probably awlays will be. We still see her spitting fire against her ex-husband on every political show and still slandering him on social media.

But it seems to us that the PTI supporters’ ex-bhabhi might have gotten herself a new hobby to get herself busy with. Rehman Khan might be trying her luck with singing. And honestly… we are confused about how to feel about that.

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With so much pent up emotions towards IK, we assume the 47-year-old still has some unresolved feelings towards her ex-husband. And what better way to get over them but by singing?

Reham Khan has been singing all along this time but she might become a singer

The British-Pakistani journalist and the ex-first lady after leaving her career as a journalist might just embrace singing as a career in an ode to get over our Kaptaan Khan.

And to be honest, I think she’s better off that way. There is no better way to get over a heartbreak than singing your heart out. Right?

For the record, singing isn’t something new for the 47-year-old journalist who often gets invited to various morning and talk shows. Reham Khan has stunned her fans with her voice multiple times in the past.

Here are some of the clips that can give you a peak in her singing:

She even produced a Lollywood film “Janaan” which was romantic comedy revolving around a Pashtun family set in Swat. The movie was premiered on the occasion of Eid ul Adha on 13 September 2016.

Here is what peope had to say about Reham Khan’s rumored singing debut:

YES… what better way to get over a heartbreak but by singing?

Some wondered what her songs will be about:

Seriosuly though, we wonder what her songs will be about. Is she planning on going the Taylor Swift Route of writing breakup songs?


Judging from her previous singing tries, I think her voice isn’t really that bad, but she isn’t cut out from the singing cloth either. If only she were in the 60s era, her singing would have made much sense, but not now.

We think she will be better singing classic ghazals and nasheeds than anything that is modern and hip. But hey, thank God for lots of autotune and editing! She’ll be singing like a canary in no time.

What do you think of Reham Khan as a singer? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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