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10 Of The Most Dumb And Irritating Things Skinnny People Are Tired Of Hearing

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The praises that come along with being skinny also come with many stupid questions and plenty of hardships. Skinny people tiptoe the line of either being praised for supposedly being in shape to being way too underweight.

There doesn’t seem to be an in between when it comes to skinny people. It’s a polarizing subject: you’re either this or that.

People are always asking dumb questions like whether or not you’ve eaten at all, if you even have an appetite, or if you have some sort of eating disorder. Maybe you’re just born that way and as much as you eat, your metabolism outruns everyone else’s but they don’t know or understand that. It’s honestly annoying when people around you think that you have an eating disorder and suggest that you should start eating more of fats.

It’s just as easy to say that one should always out themselves in someone else’s shoes but most people don’t. Most people like to judge from afar, which isn’t cool at all.

Enough said, here are 10 of the most dumb questions people might have asked you if you are a skinny person:

“You’re so skinny, do you even eat?”

No, I survive on natural resources like air, water, sunlight and etc thanks for asking.

“But, why are you skinny?”

Wait, I wil ask my super – fast metabloism and let you know.

“You don’t have to hit the only no?”

Yeah but I will hit you one fine day.

“How did you lift that?”

Sorry if I hurt your feelings for being a normal human being.

“You should start eating a lot of food”

Or may be you could stop eating my head now and then?

“How did you finish all that food?”

They ask you to eat a lot of food, and when you eat a lot, they tell you this.

“I’m pretty sure that I could lift you up!”

Funny how that person doesn’t know that you have already killed them in your imagination.

“Put on some weight”

With a lot of experience, you know that it’s not possible.

“Wind wil blow you away, be careful”

If someone doesn’t tell you this, you are not even certified to be skinny. Sorry.

*Grabs your wrists and tells you how small they are.*

I know, I see them every day.

No matter what body type you have got, no one is ever safe from all the comments and jibes about their physical appearance. As the saying goes: the grass is always greener on the other side! While people who are overweight crave having less weight and a thin curvy body, naturally-thin people wish that they could be a little more healthy, and not skinny.

But for what it’s worht, being skinny or curvy doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, all that matters is your confidence and how you carry yourself. Everyeone should be happy within their own skin, regardless of their body shape and size.

Always remember: thin people also have a healthy appetite. So, please, never ask them again where all of the food goes!

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