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6 Times Matric & O Levels Students React Differently To Real Life Situations ‘Cuz We’re Not The Same Bro

It's funny because it's true.

Matric and O Levels are different academic systems with different advantages, but no one can deny that the latter is tougher when it comes to marking and syllabus (which deserves its own rant, my shoulders still hurt from carrying those heavy books).

There is, however, no telling which one is better than the other as both the systems has it’s own pros and khans (see what we did there?)

Khair anyway, here are some creatives which shows how the students from the two systems react to different real life situations.

AO vs Matric 06
AO vs Matric 05
AO vs Matric 04
AO vs Matric 03
AO vs Matric 02 1
AO vs Matric 01 1

It’s funny because it’s true. If you can think of more, let us know in the comments below.

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