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Afghan President Ashraf Ghani Says No Afghan Government Official Will Be Allowed To Perform Hajj For The Second Time

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A meeting chaired by Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan with the government officials involved in the hajj pilgrimage process, was held in order for today, before noon.
In the meeting held in the ARG, President Ghani said that we need to create a complete action plan for the hajj process—and the process for Hajj applications should be more simplified and effortless.  He also said that the have been multiple complaints and challenges for pilgrims during the hajj process and that there is a need to find it’s solution; and provide a transparency in the hajj application process. The Afghan president further said that Ariana Air company should consider solve the problems and provide an effortless process of overseas travel for the Hajj pilgrims.
However, the President announced that the government officials who have once gone to Hajj, should not longer be allowed to go for the pilgrimage for the second time. He also said that the participation of government officials in this process should be restricted, as well as special privileges in this regard would be eliminated. The President said that steps must be taken to make sure the Hajj pilgrims are not deprived of their rights and they can go for Hajj with ease. He also ordered to make a proper system for the Hajj process which shall provide a clear report on the Hajj process and work on the challenges and requirements of the hajj process.
He further added that he should be made a proper channel to provide better transport facilities to the Hajj pilgrims and special arrangements for their vaccine, and other necessary items should be made. The President guided the head of the ministry of Hajj and Religious affairs to render their services with sheer honesty and dedication, in order to provide better services to the country’s Hajj pilgrims. He continued to guide the national supplies officials to take serious steps in for providing housing, transport, food and other resources for the hajj process.
President Ghani, in his recent speech, said that we have set up a five-year program for the hajj process. There would be better accommodation of resources and facilities for the Hajj pilgrims and and the capacity for Aghan pilgrims in Jeddah will be increased, he added. He also announced to dedicate the presidential Hajj program to the families of the martyrs of security and defense forces.
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Stasu Raaye