Everything You Need To Know To Make A Personality Quiz On PashtoScoop

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Pakhair raghle!

So, you’ve signed up for a PashtoScoop account and you’ve got a golden idea for a quiz. How do you make it a reality? We’re here to help!*

Quizzes are our favorite; they’re super fun, engaging, and pretty easy to make! If there is a quiz you’d like to go on our website, whether it’s about your favorite movie character, a TV show you love, or just about your group of friends, you can now create it by your own and post it on PashtoScoop.

That’s right, anyone can make quizzes in PashtoScoop Community and we’re here to walk you through it! Making your own quiz is super fun, and it can be about whatever you want, no matter how weird or random!

You’ll have access to the easy-to-use frontend uploader that our content creators use to make their quizzes — so it’s super simple to build your very first quiz! And best yet: If our Community editors like your quiz and think it could do well on the site, you could even get it promoted on our social media channels!

*Please note, if your post or quiz is selected to get featured across PashtoScoop’s network, our editorial team may make a few edits to it to reflect the PashtoScoop style and tone! This includes edits to some copy and images (for more on image FAQs, check out this helpful guide)!

Heads up! 🚨 Before you make your first quiz, please refer to our Community Rules and Guidelines first.

We have a strict no-haters policy, so if you’re trolling or trying to be a jerk, your account or post is more likely to be removed.

Please also note that PashtoScoop does not allow submissions from Brand Publisher accounts, which include any content with a commercial or self-promotional agenda. This means PashtoScoop reserves the right to remove any posts or quizzes that do not fall within its community guidelines.

How to create a personality quiz on PashtoScoop

1. To start your quiz, log in to your PashtoScoop account.
2. Next, create your quiz by using the personality quiz option in our frontend uploader.
Quizz guide 02
3. Start with a thumbnail, which need to be at least 625×415 pixels. Set the post category to ‘Quiz’ and add a few relevant tags.
Quizz guide 05
4. Then, move on to adding  a clever title and caption. Don’t be afraid to get creative and/or strangely specific with both.
5. Begin creating your quiz by entering the quiz title, excerpt and results.
Quizz guide 01

Yes — results first, *then* questions! This makes it easy to create answers that fit your results, instead of trying to do it the other way around.

  • While you add results, make sure you pick the perfect result image or GIF, and don’t forget to source it properly!
  • Keep hitting the “Add Result” button until all of you have entered all quiz results.
6. Here are some hot tips for writing impressive quiz results:
  • First of all, make sure you’re putting a lot of love and care into your result-writing process.
  • Second, Use humor if it fits with the tone of your writing. Try and enjoy the process and the end product will be better.
  • Third, always be positive — if someone is taking a quiz to learn something about their personality, you don’t want to leave them feeling bad!
  • And finally, always use an interesting result image. If writing a quiz about a movie or TV show, why not find a funny GIF of the character your result is about?
7. Once you’ve added all of your results, then you can go ahead and begin adding questions. You can either add imges or choose to enter text only for your questions.
Quizz guide 03

At the bottom of each question, you can direct an answer toward a specific result. The choices people make throughout your quiz will lead them toward a specific result, like you’re there holding their hand along the way, to teach them something interesting about their personality at the end.

Quick question: How many questions should I add to my quiz?

It’s really up to you! We recommend 5–9 questions. Get creative with them, too! Your quiz is basically art.

8. Once you’ve finished adding all of your questions, hit “Publish” at the bottom of the quiz builder:
Quizz guide 04

Once you publish your quiz, it will be saved as a Draft. Our team of editors will check out your post and publish it on the site under your name, if they like it.

And that’s pretty much it! Easy peasy, kana?
Got questions? Feel free to email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help you out!

We can’t wait to see what kinds of weird, fun, and interesting quizzes you create. Manana!

Stasu Raaye