The Ultimate Guide To Creating Your First Post On PashtoScoop

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So, you’ve signed up for a PashtoScoop account and got a hankering to get your post featured on the site. How in the world do you do it?! Our ultimate guide to creating your first post on PashtoScoop might come handy!

📙 Heads up: Before you being writing your first post, please read our rules and guidelines carefully! Remember that we have a strict “no haters” policy — if you’re here to troll or be a jerk, note that you might end up being banned or your post getting removed.

Create a post when when you have something interesting to talk about about, like a trending story, your favorite food, TV show, movies… anything you can think of.

Please note: If your post is selected to get featured across PashtoScoop’s network, our editorial team may make edit it a little bit to make sure it reflects the PashtoScoop style and tone! This includes edits to some copy and image.

⭐ All posts submitted by contributors get pending status until our editorial team review and publish them.

Have specific questions or concenrs about your post getting removed? Along with our Community guidelines, you’re welcome to refer to our Terms of Service at any time.

Ready to roll? Alright, LESSGO!

1. Once you’ve signed up for an account, head to pashtoscoop.com/submit and choose the type of the post you want to create.

Selecting which type of post to make is easy: If you’d like your post numbered or if you’re ranking things, choose the “numbered” or “countdown” options, and the post will automatically get numbered for you. If you don’t want to a to make a listicle, choose “Story.”

post quide 01

💡 ‘Story’ is the most equipped post type, which includes elements from all other formats and even more. If you are writing an article, Story is the suitable post type for you.

2. Start by adding a thumbnail.
post guide 02

Upload a thumbnail that is at least 625×415 pixels. Then choose ‘quiz’ from category list and add a few relevant tags.

3. Next, write your title and caption (excerpt). Keep the excerpt short and catchy— something fun that will make people want to read your post!
post guide 03
4. Begin writing your story / article.
post guide 04

This is called a Content block. Blocks are the basis of all content within the post editor. This is where you’ll enter all content for your post, like images and text.

5. To add a new text box or image, you’ll need to create a new content block each time.

There are blocks available for all kinds of content: insert text, images, links, lists, quizzes, videos, GIFs, and lots more.

zombify add option

Let’s get you familiar with content blocks!

TEXT: A text block adds a new text box where you can write additional paragraphs with title and decription. To add a new text block, tap the Plus (+) button to the bottom-right corner and choose ‘Text’.

IMAGE: This is block allows you to add images to your post. You can either upload a picture by URL, or upload them it your computer.

💡 To know more about what type of images you can and can’t use, and where to find them, check out our Photo Resource Guide.)

EMBED: Click this option to enter embed links, tweets, facebook posts, and instagram posts et cetera.

LINK: This one’s pretty self-explanatory. You this block if you want to include a link in your post. A new block appear where you can add a link title, description and a link.

POLL: A poll is a survey in which people are asked their opinions about something, usually in order to find out how popular something is or what people intend to do in the future.

PERSONALITY QUIZ: A personality quiz is a series of questions that intends to reveal something about the person who answers them.

TRIVIA QUIZ: Trivia is a type of game in which players are asked questions about different topics and they have to get as many correct answers as possible.

LISTICLE: A listicle is an article made of a list, usually with some kind of extra detail to each item.

COUNTDOWN: A Countdown is the same listicle with а reverse order. The most important units are shown at the end. The goal of this type is to force a person to scroll through the entire page in order to find out who comes first.

VIDEO: As the name suggests, this block enables you to add video content.

AUDIO: This content block helps you simplify your work on adding audio content.

GIF: This content block enablesyou to easily embed GIF content to your post.

Let’s break it down.

1. Once you’ve created a rad title and written a clever excerpt, you can begin writing your post.

Begin typing in the box to add text to your post. To add new paragraphs, you can either just hit ‘Enter’ and start a new line or click on the ‘Plus (+) and choose ‘Text’.

2. To add additional content, use the Quick insert (+) button.

You can add additional components to your post such Videos, Images or tables to make it extra awesome by clicking the blue Plus “+” button at the left side of your text editor.

post guide 05

Remember to source images. If you found the image via Tumblr or another site where someone else created the GIF or took the screenshot, you can credit them in the “caption” field right under the image or GIF.

3. Formatting your post:

To bold, underline or italicize your text, just highlight the text you’re looking to edit, and select one of the options from the top toolbar. “B” will bold your text, “I” will italicize it, and the chain icon will open up a box where you can drop a link.

After you’re all done, hit “publish.” Woo!

And that, my friends, is pretty much it!

If you’re interested in having your post considered for promotion, know that an editor will look over your post and consider it for promotion.

If you still have questions, you can email the Community team at [email protected].

You also can follow PashtoScoop on Twitter and Facebook and reach out for help.

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