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Woman In Swat Shoots Her Lover Dead After He Rejected Her Marriage Proposal

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A woman in Swat shot dead her lover after he turned down her marriage proposal. According to media reports, a woman named Neelum was arrested for shooting a cloth trader at his cloth shop.

The incident took place in Barikot in the Swat district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. As per sources, the Barikot police have identified the victim as Hassan Ali, and the woman as Neelum. Both had been in a relationship for a long time reportedly but they both married other people.

The woman then got divorced and married a second time, said a police officer. However, they maintained their relationship. The official said the woman’s second divorce was caused by this relationship.

The girl wanted to marry Ali and had even refused several marriage proposals from other men, the police added. However, Neelum found out that Ali was cheating on her with another girl. Angered, she went to the victim’s shop and shot him dead.

According to the reports, the deceased has five children while the woman also has three children of her own. Neelum, a woman who wears a shuttlecock burqa asked her lover to marry her. However, on his rejection, she shot him dead in his clothing store in Mina Bazaar.

As reports of the murder spread, the police arrived at the crime scene and took Ali’s body into custody and registered a case against the suspect. The body was later handed over to the family after completing medico-legal formalities.

Police officials said that the suspect fled after committing the murder. However, the police formed a team to track her down which who were successful in arresting the woman. The woman was then presented before a juducial magistrate who sent her to jail.

Killings because of love affairs and honour have increased in Swat valley recently. Around a dozen women have reportedly been killed so far this year in the district over relationships.

Is rejecting a marriage proposal a crime? Or is it shameful for a woman to get rejected? Just as women have the right to deny, men have the right to deny. Then did the woman who feels ashamed for being rejected and killed her lover felt no shame in committing murder?

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