KP man allegedly kills wife for failing to serve 'hot meal' for sehri


A Man From Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Shoots His Wife For Failing To Serve ‘Hot Food’ For Sehri

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The world, as we see it, is quite a strange place to live in as the surfacing societal and ethical issues depict a completely vicious story.

Almost every other day, we come across news and incidents that has us wondering about what the world has come down to. What have we become? Are we even humans anymore? Chances are more that we end up embarrassing ourselves.

Every day. We stray further from God.

The emergence of the novel coronavirus is also a part of the unexpected tale that fell upon us causing misery. As of now, several parts of the world including Pakistan is under lockdown to contain the spread of the novel virus. While the extended lockdown is playing a great role in stopping the virus from spreading further, being limited to our homes for quite a long time also has major psychological effects on humans.

A man kills his wife after she failed ‘to serve a hot meal’ during peshmani

Unfortunately, the ongoing pandemic has taken over the presence of the holy Ramadan this year, and tensions are rising. According to local media reports, a man in the Upper Kohistan area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa killed his wife only because she failed to serve ‘garam rotai’ for peshmani.

The incident happened in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Shalkanabad area in Upper Kohistan while the couple was preparing to fast the next day, police said on Thursday.

Speaking to local media outlets, Dasu police station SHO Muhammad Haq said initial investigations suggested the victim was killed by her husband for failing to serve a hot meal during peshmani.

“The father was performing wudhu just after sehri when he heard a gunshot from the couple’s room.” said the police official.

“When he went to investigate, he found his daughter lying in a pool of blood. Meanwhile, the accused had managed to escape from the scene,” he added.

He further added that police department take the culprit into police custody with the help of the victim’s father. For one hot meal, he not only took a life but he will also be spending his rest prison.

The FIR was registered in the local police station on Thursday, after the police received a complaint from the deceased’s father. According to the girl’s father, the accused was his nephew. 

According to the FIR, the victim was just 19 years old and had gotten married two years ago. Such a sad end to a young life!

Rise in domestic abuse and anger-filled crimes

During the past few weeks, there has been an alarming rise in cases of domestic abuse, anger-filled killings and crime reports. Earlier this week, a man shot and killed his seven-year-old niece in Peshawar’s Tehkal area because the children were making too much noises.

According to the local police reports, little Eshaal was playing with other kids from her neighborhood when the incident happened. Angry over the amount of noise that the kids made, her Uncle Fazal Hayat opened fire at her. The poor soul succumbed to injuries and died on the spot.

In a similar unfortunate incident, a man shot his sibling dead in Peshwar because they added ‘too much sugar’ the sherbat for rojamatey. Filled with extreme anger, he stood up, picked up his gun, and shot both his brother and siter who later couldn’t survive the injuries. After taking his siblings’ lives, the culprit fled from the scene before the police could’ve arrived.

On April 5, the Woman Action Forum (WAF) released a statement urging concerned authorities to take notice of an alarming rise in caes of domestic violence and abuse during the lockdown imposed to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The statement had said: “Women face an increase in their burden of household chores as well as childcare responsibilities and, in numerous cases, physical constraints and proximity leads to an increase in domestic violence, putting the lives of women and children at higher risks.”

“Given the grave impact of the ongoing lockdown imposed to curb the spread of Coronavirus, it is critically important for the government to apply a gendered lens to its policies. Victoms of domestic violence face greater risks during extensive periods of lockdowns and when social distancing measures are in place,” the statement said.

In a modern age where acceptance and human rights is a great deal, incidents like these makes us wonder where we really stand. Why do we have to act like cavemen? Aren’t we, as Muslims, should be patient and humble?

Above all, it’s the holy month of Ramadan which asks us to have sabar and seek forgiveness for our deeds. May Allah guide us and forgive us for our sins.

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