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This Guy From Lahore Created A Detailed Tourist Attractions Map Of Pakistan And TBH, It Is Really Cool!

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Besides Pakistan being rich with natural resources, culture, traditions, and beautiful landscapes, we are also blessed with immensely talented youth as well.

Unfortunately, most of the young individuals go on to pursue generic careers such as engineering and being a doctor. We don’t usually hear much about the budding artists tinkering with colors, graphics, illustrations, and more. It might be probably because such careers aren’t as widely liked by our elders—every second father wants his son to be either a doctor or an engineer.

However, this typical mindset is slowly but steadily fading away; and the younger generation is gradually adopting new creatives skills, purely out of their own passion and interest.

This guy from Lahore namely Assam Altaf created a beautiful and detailed tourist attractions map of Pakistan!

Since Pakistan’s visa rules have been recently updated and it is now easier to get a visa to enter the country, it is high time that adventure lovers and tourists from around the world come explore the beautiful landscapes we’re blessed with.

Assam Altaf, a Pakistani expat in Dubai, came in on the right time and created a detailed tourist attraction map of Pakistan which show all major tourist attraction across the country.


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The reason behind the making of a tourist attraction map

Assam shared how he felt the need of a tourist attraction map of Pakistan to be made and how created the first map of such kind. He explained that since childhood until now, we have been hearing about all the nice blessings Pakistan has, such as it’s rich culture and heritage, ancient history, five kind of seasons throughout the year, fertile lands, highest mountains, all the minerals and resources and variety of cultures across the country. He felt a need to adapt all these riches into a map and showcase a better picture of Pakistan to the world.

Secondly, Pakistan’s visa policy has been changed and steps have been taken to promote tourism and encourage international travelers and vloggers to visit and explore the country. Pakistan is also allowing visa-free entry to some countries while for the rest, e-visa service has been introduced. This resulted in a rapid growth of foreign tourist visits since last year. Keeping this in mind, Assam thought such a map where all major landmarks and tourist attractions are shown should be introduced to the coming foreign tourist for their ease.

Furthermore, Assam added that being a traveler himself, the first thing he would do when he visits a country is to get a map of that country. And when he looked for a tourist map of Pakistan, he couldn’t find any helpful or interesting resources.  This added to the need of a quality tourist map which represents all major landmarks of Pakistan. According to him, he completed the map in eight consecutive days.

About the designer of the map — Assam Altaf

Muhammad Assam Altaf is a travel blogger, photographer and a graphic designer. He did his B.Commerce from Superior University Lahore and got his degree in Digital Photography and Graphic Design from National College of Arts.

Assam’s portfolio reveals him as a man of many talents. About his talents, Assam says:

People say we are blessed with facial beauty or inherit money from forefathers, but i say I’m blessed with beautiful hands that Allah has given me. I can draw things, create & design things, capture beautiful moments and play music.

No doubt, the guy got skills! We hope Assam proceeds more in his career and have his part in making Pakistan proud.

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