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Top 5 Destinations in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa You Should Visit After Quarantine Is Over

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Staying at home and doing nothing was a collective dream of all of us once upon a time. But now when we are living and experiencing this life, after just five weeks we have concluded that it is nothing like we thought but torture.

Many of us have already fed up with this stagnant life and planning to do the things that had been on our to-do list for long. We won’t delay it any further once we will be allowed to leave the house. What are your plans? Traveling? Perfect! Let’s plan it together.

As we all know that Pakistan is internationally recognized as one of the best tourist destinations in the world because of the diversity in cultures, hospitability and natural beauty. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa plays an immensely important role in making your country heaven on the earth for tourists from across the globe. How? it has all those things
that a tourist wants to demand.

You doubt that? Let me take you those immaculate tourist places:

  1. 1 Malam Jabba

    Are you fond of skiing and want to ski that too in Pakistan? You don’t have to go to any other country to convert this dream of yours into reality. Yeah, you heard me right. Malam Jabba in KPK is the best and only choice in Pakistan to fulfill this dream. Besides skiing, this city comprises six monasteries and two Buddhist stupas.

    What does the presence of these monuments that too at such high altitudes shows? Yeah, you guessed it right, that it’s been 2000 years that this area is home to mankind. You are eager to relax after spending time in torturous isolation? The first thing you should do is visit Malam Jabba.

  2. 2 Kalash Valley

    The beautiful valley of extremely beautify people with beautiful hearts. This valley has the honor of being the oldest valley of south Asia. They have their own rich culture, festivals and language that make them popular at a global level.

    Last year Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited it and enjoyed their world-famous show run by the locals and festivals that left them in awe. If you want to visit a place of oldest culture with the blend of modernism, then Kalash valley must be your destiny at the end of this tyrant Quarantine Period.

  3. 3 Swat Valley

    Want to visit Switzerland but don’t want to indulge yourself in the visa-passport mess? Here we are with the easiest and accessible solution. Pay your visit to Pakistan's Switzerland, the Swat Valley. It ranks among the top tourist attractions of KPK.

    This is an ideal place for hiking, archeology and honeymoons. It comprises of snow-capped mountains, lakes, lush green meadows, forests, breathtaking waterfalls, and beautiful small villages. Don't you think your mind and eyes need a treat after such a horrific period of isolation?

  4. 4 Mushkpuri

    The second highest hill of Galyat and is located in the hilly area of Abbottabad. Though the journey is tiring and a bit difficult but nothing can be more difficult than cutting yourself off the external world and confine yourself inside the house of more specifically your room. Right?

    This beautiful place will provide you with the best scenery of your life and the moment you reach on the top, your eyes will be blessed with the breathtaking view of Kashmir Valley- one place with multiple offers.

  5. 5 Lake Saif Ul Malook

    The Guardian ranked it on the 5th number among the top attractions of Pakistan. The magnificent view will confuse you to differentiate between reality and a dream. The crystal clear water shows the reflection of sky surrounded by snowcapped mountains and gigantic glaciers.

    No words can do justice to the beauty of this place. And if your visit by change gets along with the 14th of the month of the lunar calendar, then maybe you would also start believing in the folk tale of dancing fairy queen and her prince charming.

    So, ladies and gentlemen! Once this tough time will pass, we all are going to embrace every single corner of these marvelous places that too without littering these beautiful places. But till then stay home and stay safe.

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Momina Tariq