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This Student From A Tribal District In Kohat Developed The World’s Cheapest Testing Kit For Coronavirus

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While the world is isolating itself to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, doctors and scientists around the world are looking for cost-effective ways to deal with it and find a cure.

Irfan Hussain, a student belonging from Orakzai Agency, in Kohat Division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, has claimed developing the cheapest testing kit for the novel coronavirus. According to Irfan, the testing kit once authorized will ensue tests that will cost only two hundred rupees or less.

irfan hussain
Irfan is currently enrolled in a Doctor of Pharmacy degree at the Quaid-e-Azam University.

Irfan developed the kit using his own resources and claims that his COVID-19 testing kit has a capacity to conduct 20,000 tests on a daily basis. The details of the kit have been shared with the National Institute of Health and is pending review. Mr. Irfan has high hopes that it will soon receive an official status.

Pertaining to the fact that the coronavirus tests are expensive for an average person, and it’s availability is only limited to those who can afford it, this is indeed a great news. Developing cost-effective methods to deal with coronavirus is crucial for the overall well being of the country as cases keep emerging and testing facilities as well as kits are falling short.

Irfan belongs from an area that is still considered backward in terms of educational opportunities, lack of technological resources and and practices pertaining to the British Era. The area however, has no developments in pursuit including no venues available to fulfill even basic necessities. About time government pays heed to the tribal district — the area ensues untapped potential!

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