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Old Man In Swat Steals Car Of The Same Judge Who Just Granted Him Bail

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Old habits die hard and Shah Zaman Khan can’t stop stealing a car or two even at 65.

The man — known in police records as Super Shah, Pakistani Charles Sobhraj, and simply as Zaman Dakait — was arrested for the 18th time on Tuesday since he first landed in prison in 1975.

At arraignment Friday, a Swat District Court Judge released him on bail. However, just minutes after he was freed in a car theft case, the old man couldn’t keep himself from stealing another — and this time, a Honda Civic of the same judged who approved his bail.

CCTV footage shows Zaman Khan driving away in the judge’s car which took him less than two minutes to break into. The police are still on the lookout for the badass kleptomaniac who went into hiding after the incident.

“That man is a pro. My car was an old Honda Civic 2006 and the CCTV outside the court caught him in the act. It took him less than a minute. I am surprised how a 65-year-old could do that,” the judge told in a statement to the police.

He is old but refuses to change his ways, an investigator explained.

“He says he cannot do without stealing. He only steals for fun I think. And then abandons it somewhere, most of the times. He pretends to be on the phone and has a master key as well, which he uses to break into old cars.”

Police said he must have stolen around 300 cars so far and amassed at least 108 FIRs.

“He does not need the money. But he has always been a con man. He cannot do anything else, though he is old,” the officer said.

This article is a work of fiction and satire. None of the above-mentioned scenarios are based on reality.

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