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Reham Khan Said She Saw ‘Donkey King’ Live, And People Were Here For It

Former TV presenter and Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ex-wife always remain in the news for her comments on his ex-husband and everything related to his political party. She never misses an opportunity to hit out at Mr. Khan and question the so-hyped tabdeeli he promised to bring.

To her luck, yesterday she saw another favorable opportunity to speak against Imran Khan and how could he miss it?

In reply to a tweet, Reham Khan jokingly said that she has seen the movie The Donkey King “live”

A fan commented on her tweet that she will not be able to watch the upcoming movie “The Donkey King” live as she is currently in England while the movie is releasing only in Pakistan; to which Reham Khan humurously replied: “I saw it live.”

The reply caught a lot of attention from Pakistani twitteratis who rushed to the comments to share their two cents.

People soon realized she was referring to the Prime Minister Imran Khan and trolled back

Some were here to appreciate her sense of humor..

While some were here to defend IK and troll her back



In case you didn’t know, ‘The Donkey King,’  is an upcoming animated movie scheduled to release on October 13. The move is being humourously attributed to the new government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Prime Minister Imran Khan, on different social media platforms.

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