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Female Pashto Singer Arrested For Uploading A Girl’s Private Pictures Online

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Cyber-crime has become a major arising issue in Pakistan which should be taken seriously. While many people believe simply blocking the dude lurking into your inbox to do fraandship is the only solution, there comes several other situations where just blocking won’t help; such as blackmailing and misuse of one’s personal pictures.

A similar incident occurred in Peshawar days ago where a famous Pashto singer uploaded another girl’s personal photos to a fake Facebook account for blackmailing purposes.

Pashto singer and dancer Muneeba Shah arrested for allegedly kept posting private pictures of a girl online

According to sources, the singer-cum-dancer was arrested by the Federal Investigation Agency from her residence at Peshawar after a complaint was lodged against her for allegedly posting personal pictures of a local girl via a fake social media account.

The singer was uploading my pictures on a fake Facebook account in my name, said Sana, the victim. She had lodged a complaint to the Cybercrime Wing at Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) at their Peshawar office, to which the cybercrime wing responded and conducted a probe into the issue.

The FIA also carried out a raid on Muneeba’s residence for investigation after which she was taken into custody by the authorities.

The investigation confirms that the Facebook account was signed up using a mobile SIM card and was being accessed using a wireless internet connection.  Evidences were found that prove Shah had uploaded photos of girls using a fake Facebook account in order to blackmail them.

A case has now been registered by the authorities against the accused singer on the basis of cybercrime rules’ violation.

Furthermore, another accused by the name of Zubair had confessed to posting the photos at the behest of the singer.

Profile picture theft has become a serious problem in the Pakistani market which targeted mostly female accounts

During the last few years, Facebook accounts were started to be cloned by culprits who would make an exact copy of one’s profile and use it for blackmailing purposes. Seeing that, some women in the twin countries – India and Pakistan, elected not to upload pictures of their faces to the internet because they are worried it will be misused by others on the internet.

To cope up with that, Facebook recently introduced ‘Profile Picture Guard’ which ensure that others can’t send, share, or download one’s picture, and will keep strangers from tagging themselves in the image.

Profile picture theft is a serious issue in our country. To make sure you are on the safe side, consider turning it on for your Facebook profile.

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