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Pashtun Superhero From Quetta Saves Lives Of More Than 100 People Stuck In Snow From Imminent Death

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Suleman Khan Kakar, a brave young man from the Kachlak area in Quetta is being hailed as a hero after he saved the lives of more than a 100 people stuck on snow-jammed roads in the area earlier this week, without any help from the local authorities.

Four days ago, the Quetta-Zhob highway was shut down due to severe snowfall in the Kachlak, Ziarat Cross, Khanozai and Kan Mehtarzai areas of the Balochistan province. The situation resulted in hundreds of cars being struck on the snow-jammed road, with women, children and elderly passengers left vulnerable in the harsh snowy weather without enough food supplies or clothing.

Khan rescued the passengers using his Toyota Land Cruiser and opened his home to provide them food and shelter

Bracing the blood-curdling cold, Suleman Khan reached the stranded passengers on his Sports Utility Vehicle, a Toyota Land Cruiser, and helped the people to safety without any assistance from the local authorities.

The 30-year-old not only rescued several passengers by driving them to safety in his own car but also opened his own home to them to provide them food and shelter for the time being.

The kindness of Khan, however, knew no bounds, as he also paid from his own pocket to get fuel, and provide it to people whose cars had broken down on the road in the severe cold.

His act of kindness touched the hearts of many, and people on social media are praising the unsung hero.

One of the people rescued by Mr. Khan spoke to the media about the super-human efforts of the kind stranger. “I witnessed Khan rescue more than 100 people out of the snowstorm, including a little girl from a Danish School, who was then safely taken to her area of Khanozai,” said Habib Ullah, a driver who was stuck on the road.

“I did everything for the will of God”

Mr. Khan took the rescued people to his home, where he provided them with food and gave a place to rest and sleep to the ones who had fallen ill.

Talking about the much-praised act of kindness he did, Khan said, “I did everything for the will of God. I saw that people who were stuck by the avalanche and had I not helped them, they probably wouldn’t have returned alive. I had been trying to help them since 2 pm, however, officials arrived around 12 am,”

“I tried to give priority to pregnant women, heart patients, and small children when rescuing, and made them stay in my own home, fed them, and gave them a place to sleep.”, Khan added.

The Kachlak native further added that he had been helping needy people on the National Highway for the last three days now. “I also saved a lot of cars, as I tied them to my own car, and dragged them out of the snow,” said Mr Khan.

According to a report by The Guardian, more than hundred people have been killed across Pakistan over the past four days as landslides, avalanches, and severe cold hit mountainous areas across the country. The under-developed regions of Balochistan and Kashmir were the ones affected the most by the severe weather.

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