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Najiba Faiz Aka Dilruba Slams Trolls And Haters In A Live Interview With VOA Deewa

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When I tell you that I frikkin’ love this lady, y’all best believe I’m not lying. I have been a Najiba Faiz stan for the longest time, and it’s not just because of her Dilruba character and drop-dead cuteness.

This mesmerizing Pashtun beauty is famous for her timeless charm and her passionate acting in several Pashto and Urdu TV serials and films. The Pashtun audiences know her by the name “Dilruba”; the name of the character she played in her debut TV series “Rogh Lewani” aired on PTV.

She has also worked in numerous Urdu films and TV serials; among which, her character Gulalayi in Sang e Mar Mar is famous among the TV audience.

However, what you might not be aware of is that this woman right here has dealt with way too much unnecessary critique in the last few years. And she still receives a lot of flak on social media from the majority of her Pashtun audience. Many blame her for her attire and no-fucks-given attitude on TikTok, but others have defended it with a speech of vindication. Anyway, it was Najiba Faiz herself who wanted to put an end to this confrontation.

The 32-years-old actress and TV host has tied the blanket to the head and, in one of her latest interviews with the VOA Deewa, she asked people who slut-shame her a question that might turn out to be an eye-opener for everyone.

Yes, all she did was ask a question from her haters, but it sounded more like a point to ponder for everyone who slut-shame people just because they don’t live up to their ideas and expectations.

When the host asked for her opinion about trolls on the internet, Najiba Faiz explained how she doesn’t weigh online trolls up.

“I don’t really care about them because, you see, you don’t know who that person really is. I mean, If I were to defame someone, I could go on and make as many fake accounts as I want, name myself Shruti, Ahmed or Mehmood.. and start spreading hate. That’s how easy it is.” said Najiba in her interview.

“I believe respect and contempt are in Allah’s hands. Allah has bestowed respect upon people he wanted to. And the ones who are not left with any.. they will sit and write hateful comments; because that might be all they are capable of doing. And we might be given enough respect that at least a few people know us and listen to us.”

Agreeing with her answer, the host praised Najiba Faiz for her bravery and how well she manages to deal with online hate.

“When I started my show one year ago, I went to London. And you know I have friends in Canada and America too. And I go there at least once a year. So when I came back, my show went on air. So when they (the trolls) couldn’t find any other excuse to shame me, one person actually commented under one of my photos accusing me of doing ‘wrong acts’ with the western people,” the actress claimed in her interview.

With a grin on her face, she continued to narrate her story:

“I laughed so hard at the troll and thought I should reply and ask him:

“Are you guys really upset because you think I do the act or are you upset that I do it with them and not you? Would you be happy if I did it with you?”

Obviously, she trolled back the trollers but some people cropped only that particular part from the interview and posted it on Facebook, advertising it as a ‘proof’ that Najiba Faiz actually confessed to doing the bad things they accuse her of.

See for yourself:

To be honest, the troll’s accusations were completely uncalled for. The choice of words was disgusting, let alone all the false and instigating stuff the troll had written. And the fact that the video on Facebook was posted without providing the full context, thus painting a wrong picture of Najiba, it shows how biased and fucked up we are as a society.

Don’t know if this is genuinely entertaining or if quarantine boredom has lowered everyone’s standards but Najiba Faiz has been actively subject to extreme hate under her Facebook and Instagram posts lately. That’s the problem with the internet. ANYONE can post ANY type of vile shit under the guise of an opinion and get away with it. There’s barely any accountability.

It is important to understand that people at the receiving end of all the trolling are also humans especially when you know you are making things up and call them out with disrespect just because you don’t seem to like them.

Khair, as vile as that comment was, we love a queen who knows how to clap back AND be successful while they watch.

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