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Mufti Ismail Menk Just Roasted Reham Khan on Twitter And, Dayum, It’s Savage

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If you have been following the nationwide political scenario in Pakistan, you might be aware of Reham Khan’s day-to-day rolay. The ex- wife of Imran Khan continues to make headlines every now and then. She has been encircled by a tidal wave of debate, especially due to her sheer disliking of her ex- husband and his political party. With her notorious comments and dishonorable political views, the ex-national bhabhi of Pakistanis has freshly emerged as the hot topic of discussions.

She had been in the news for quite long as excerpts of her autobiography took the internet by storm

Excerpts from Reham Khan’s book, which  is rumored to be an autobiography, had been released and the internet had a meltdown. It is gearing up to be one of the most insane books of this year.

She recently posted a tweet pointing Imran Khan’s recent visit to Baba Fariduddin’s shrine and kissing it’s doorstep

Coming to the point; this woman just doesn’t seem to stop. This time around she posted a photoshopped picture of her with a beard and let’s just say, social media in Pakistan was on FIRE.

And to make things worse… she tweeted this:

As expected, twitteratis had a major meltdown..

And personal attacks kept coming in.


How could the beard lovers step back?

Mufti Menk, the one owner of the original photo, could not get over with the confusion & stepped in

“Superimposed herself on to” LOL what a burnnn

Someone get Reham bibi some ice please

The threats are obvious

Looked like people had a great laughter

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