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A Female Doctor Faced Sexual Assault At PIMS & People Started To Speak Up

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Sexual harassment has become a widespread topic of discussion among Pakistanis ever since Zainab’s ruinous case took the internet by storm. Conversations around harassment and sexual abuse have been making rounds on social media since the past year. Reportedly 11 cases of child sexual abuse filed every day in Pakistan, according to Sahil, an NGO on working on child  protection with a special focus on sexual abuse.

Unfortunately, the number keeps rising day by day which makes it considerably more critical to speak up about sexual harassment and other related sexual behaviors.

An on-duty female house officer was tried to sexually assaulted, however, she was lucky enough to get out of it.

The female doctor, after working sleeplessly working for 19 hours, came to her room to take a nap when the culprit approached her and tried to sexually assault her. According to media reports, the doctor was on her 32 hours duty and was asleep in her room when the predator entered the room and locked it from the inside which woke up the doctor.

He tried to overcome her resistance but she kept fighting that filthy ‘animal’ for 20-25 minutes both mentally and physically.

Despite all the guards and the security system, the bastard managed to enter the restroom and commit such a heinous crime. He even tried to strangle her with a cable, be she didn’t give up and kept fighting for her life and dignity.

All this went on for 25 minutes and —ya khudaya, each second must’ve felt like an year.

This filthy animal kept threatening and assaulting her for almost half an hour and all she could hope was interference by the so called security of PIMS; but no one was there to listen to her screams. She fought till last minute when finally, realizing that she is not giving up, he left the room and flee away.

According to Police, the culprit was on a run and has a criminal record already.

This issue surfaced on social media after two days while administration kept saying this was a robbery case and not an attempt of sexual assault. People reacted promptly and raised their voice demanding early arrest of the culprit.

Sexual abuse can affect a person in many ways, leaving scars that are eternal. Zainab’s tragedy has enabled the country to speak up. It’s rather unfortunate to see how some men feel like they’re allowed to do whatever they want and exploit others when they’re in power.  Let’s hope we can eradicate the existence of sexual harassment and take this opportunity to teach our men and boys how one is to behave with others and not rob them of their agency.

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