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Irfan Mehsood, Waziristan’s Martial Arts Champ Achieves His 32nd World Record

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Waziristan’s famed martial artist, Irfan Mehsood, is a serial record-breaker and has been pursuing his passion for martial arts since his teenage years.

In a recent development, Irfan Mehsood has achieved his 32nd Guinness World Record, making his people proud once again. He broke the latest one of Paddy Doyle of the United Kingdom, for the most jumping jacks by carrying a 100lb pack in one minute.

Mehsood regarding his new record states:

“Paddy Doyle who has got the title of World Fittest Man held the record of 58 jumping jacks carrying a 100-lb pack in one minute, while I did 64. I attempted the record in Dera Ismail Khan in April this year,”

Mehsood, who hails from Ladha Tehsil of South Waziristan, also holds the record of the most jumping jacks in one minute carrying an 80 lb pack. He holds the record of most (60) push-ups in one minute with one leg raised and carrying a 40-lb pack, most knuckle push-ups (59) carrying 60 lb pack in one minute اند most side lunges (72) in a minute.

Most two finger push ups in one minute carrying a 40 lb tcm25 478282

The other records he broke includes most full contact knee strikes 83 in one minute (alternate legs); most push-ups (one leg raised, carrying a 40-lb pack) 31 in one minute; most knuckle push-ups 25 (with one leg raised, carrying a 40-lb pack) in one minute; most push-ups (one leg raised and carrying an 80-lb pack) 21 in one minute and most thumb push-ups 35 in one minute.

Besides this, he also holds the world record for the most full contact knee strikes culminating to 87 in one minute and that too on one leg.

Pakistani man bags his 30th Guinness World Record

Irfan Mehsood did the wonders with his self-dedication and love for his game and if he was supported and back by the government, he could break more records and make more achievements in the time to come.

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