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This Girl From Swat And Her Family Is Under Potential Threat From Her Brother-In-Law And The Authorities Need To Listen

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When you are in danger, you run home. 

Well, that might not be the case for most women. 

Domestic violence is a major issue that is regularly ignored and overlooked in our society at most times. Women are often victim to violence at the hands of their brothers, fathers, and most of the time, their husbands.

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This woman named Urusa just came forward to detail the alleged abuse she and her family have faced at the hands of her ex-brother in law, Anwar Ullah

Urusa Nawaz is a girl from the Charbagh region of Swat who recently came forward to seek help from higher authorities to help her family, which is under serious threat.

In a detailed post on Facebook and a Twitter thread, she shared the details of how Anwar Ullah (her late sister’s ex-husband) used to abuse her sister, got her murdered, and is now continually threatening  her sister’s two children and other members of her family too.

Urusa took it to social media and wrote:

“Mr. Anwar Ullah, my Ex brother in law, who is now in Pakistan on two month’s vacations from his office in Saudi Arabia. My sister got married to this person back in 2006, spent 12years of her life with him, [..] From 2007 onwards he was very cruel to my sister and used to beat her nearly to death and forced her for illegal relations. [..] my father finally decided not to allow this person anymore to be with my sister and kept my sister at home for some time, during this period he threatened my father and killed my brother in 2012. [..] On 21 Feb 2019, he got my sister murdered at my uncle’s Habib Ahmed home in my grandma’s funeral.”

According to her, Anwar Ullah used to force her sister to do ‘inappropriate deeds,’ and when she refused, she later got her murdered

Urusa says Mr. Anwar Ullah used to force her sister to do ‘inappropriate deeds’; therefore, her father finally decided not to allow him anymore to be with his daughter and kept her at home for some time. During that period, Anwar threatened her father and later killed her brother in 2012, which he confessed himself once on a call to her father, but her helpless father couldn’t do anything against the culprit Mr. Anwar because he and his elder brother both were supporters and active members of Taliban in Swat. Since Anwar used to drive for the Taliban, her father was helpless to raise voice against these culprits openly.

For the sake of her stepbrothers and her elder sister’s protection, her father reluctantly let the culprit go away with her sister to spend life with him in Saudi Arabia.

However, the story doesn’t end here. When the couple moved to Saudia Arabia, Mr. Anwar started forcing her wife for inappropriate relations with the company’s manager for a luxurious car and job. She somehow managed to return to Pakistan and exposed his reality to her family, for which Anwar got very angry, and since then, he along with his brother Saifudin attempted to murder her wife several times because she exposed his reality to her family, but luckily she was saved every time. 

Mr. Anwar got her wife murdered and is now threatening to kill other members of her family too

After legal action was taken against Anwar and his brother Saifuddin, Anwar fled back to Saudi Arabia to avoid prosecution. On 21 Feb, 2019 he got her wife murdered at her uncle Habib Ahmed’s home at her grandma’s funeral with the help of his brother and allies because he was the financial supporter of his brother.

When Urusa’s sister (Anwar’s ex-wife) was in hospital, she recorded an FIR against her husband and his brother Saifudin (who shot her) but the police didn’t mention the main culprit Anwar in FIR for abetment because he was out of the country so his brother got imprisoned instead. But still, delaying tactics are used and the trail has yet to be started. Anwar fled to Saudi Arabia but he and his elder brother Tajuddin were continuously threatening Urusa on her social media account saying he will “kill her mother and father when he gets back to Pakistan”.

Since Anwar has come back to Pakistan, he is now on the run to supposedly murder the rest of the family

Mr. Anwar has recently landed on Islamabad Airport on 26 July, 2019 and since then, has become a potential threat to Urusa’s family. After his arrival at the Airpor,  he didn’t go to his home but came directly to Urusa’s old house carrying a pistol but to her luck, she and her family has already moved from that house. They are still in hiding, but since that day Anwar is continuously looking for them to kill them all.

She appealed to all the concerned government departments, especially police, Human rights activists, and women rights activists, to take notice of this situation and provide security and justice to my family and sister.

Incidents like this shed light on the importance of addressing issues of gender-based violence with careful, considered, educational approach and not rigorous legislation that is carelessly constructed to score brownie points with the general public.

Anwar should be arrested and punished for his crimes. Here’s hoping that the authorities can use this incident as a learning opportunity for everyone, as a society.

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