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Here’s Everything People Had To Say About The Distribution Of Shuttlecock Burqas At A Local School In Mardan

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The Govt Middle School Cheena in Rustam District of Mardan just ‘gifted’ shuttlecock burqas among their female students. Which sparked a debate at large among the people on the internet.

After the recent controversial statement from the KP government to make the wearing of ‘abaya’ mandatory for girls going to school received a lot of backlash on the internet, the decision was withdrawing considering the public outcry. We thought the debate has already been got over with, but it seems like there’s more to it yet coming.

Last week another incident happened in Charsadda where barbers were arrested for making their customers a fashionable beard style.

And now it seems like the tabdeeli government has stolen the spotlight yet again for another similar controversy. According to sources, the funds for the shuttlecock burqas for students were provided by a former district member of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf, Mardan.

Even though the provincial government took back their notice, the local union official seemed quite obsessed with the idea and decided to implement it with local council funds.

A local district member Muzaffar Shah bought the shuttlecock burqas as a ‘gift’ and went to distribute in the local school.

The footage of the incident started surfacing the internet and sparked a debate at large. While some were supporting the activity, others were seen opposing it for various reasons.

While some were seen appreciating the imposing of wearing full body viels..

…most people describe this move as unnecessary and a plot to slide us back into the ‘darkness.’

And oh, wait, someone even dragged TALIBAN into this

Others were of the view that burqa isn’t really a tool for protection since wen seen women (even in coffins) being sexually regardless of their dressing choices

People were even seen denying Shuttlecock burqas as a part of their culture and that white shawls are what we wear

Whether such burqas are a part of our culture or not is another debate. But besides educating women to ‘protect’ themselves all the time and describing dress codes as a tool for their ‘protection’, stong measures should be taken against male sexual predators as well. Men should be educated to control themselves and respect women’s privacy and consent. Strict laws should be implemented to protect women from domestic and sexual abuse and the defaulters should be punished hard enough so one has to fear for his life and think twice before comitting such a henious crime.

What do you think of this move by the local government to impose wearing of shuttlecock burqas and distributing it among school girls? Let us know in the comments below.

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