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Taking “Za Zanla Suba Ym” Way Too Far, These Villagers Celebrated Eid 2 Days Earlier

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Many of you might be familiar with the phrase “Za zanla suba yam” which quickly became the slang of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa locals after a video of a Tehkal resident, Amir, went viral on social media.

The video shows drunk Amir cussing local police and telling his audience on Facebook livestream that “he is his own province” and that he fears none.

Enraged over the curse words, the Peshawar Police took Amir into custody, stripped him naked and beated him till he regreted cursing out the local police on his Facebook livestream.

The news made rounds on social media and divided the internet over who is to be blamed. Some were of the view that it was Amir’s fault while some thought the Police is to be blamed because “two wrongs doesn’t make one right”.

Whether it were the police who were to be blamed for crossing the line or Amir, for disrespcting high officials, that’s a debate for another day. People on social media today witnessed another ‘recreation’ of the iconic “za zanla suba yam” slogan when the news of a village in Waziristan celebrating Eid broke out.

While the whole nation is waiting for an official announcement, this village in North Waziristan celebrated Eid already

The locals of Haider khail, a village in Mir Ali town of North waziristan offered the Eid prayers today and celebrated Eid already while the rest of Pakistan awaits official Eid announcements.

Zahid Wazir, a local news reporter from Waziristan, took to Facebook to share the news where many other locals in the comments confirmed it to be true.

According to the reporter, Eid is being celebrated on the basis of moon sighting evidences the local Ruwit Hilal Committee received.

Here is a video report from the journalist citing the same:

The post further reads that a total of 3 Eids are being celebrated in the district this time. In some areas Eid will be celebrated tomorrow while in others Eid will be celebrated the day after tomorrow.

The news turned out to be both amusing and shocking to the audience

People on social media were both shocked and amused to hear the news; which is quite understandable because surprisingly, no one else in the country saw the moon except these villagers.

Here is what people had to say in the comments:

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The tradition of celebrating two Eids in Pakistan has lived on for years; where the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa celebrates Eid a day earlier than the rest of Pakistan. That’s why we the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are labelled as ‘early birds’ when it comes to celebration of Eid each year.

However, be it Team Popalzai or Team Mufti Muneeb that you are in, the locals of Haiderkhail are ahead of you because they ‘sighted’ the moon way too earlier before any of us could.

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