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APS Peshawar Attack Survivor Ahmad Nawaz Is All Set To Study At The Oxford University

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The attack on the Army Public School Peshawar on December 16, 2014, was one of the most inhumane acts of terrorism which had the whole country in shock and in sorrow. Almost 150 people lost their lives that day and several people were left with severe injuries.

Fortunately, a few children survived the deadly attack. Among them, was one Ahmad Nawaz who lost his younger breather Haris that day and almost left his arm. Nawaz left for the UK along with his family to undergo the necessary medical treatment four years ago and had 6 more surgeries there.

Now, almost 6 years on, Ahmad Nawaz is all set to study at the famous University of Oxford. Nawaz shared the news on Twitter with a picture of him wearing an Oxford University jumper and said:

The terrorists shot me and brutality attacked my school to stop us from getting an education 5 years ago. Today I’m proud to share that I have secured a place to study at the University of Oxford!! Where there is a will, there’s a way.

This is truly a moment of happiness and pride for us, and especially for Ahmad and his family. After rising as an epitome of valor by surviving the infamous school attack courageously and going on to inspire others, Nawaz has once again made the nation proud.

Congratulatory messages poured in for Nawaz from across the world.

The University of Oxford’s official account also congratulated the high achiever, calling him a “true inspiration”.

He later shared that he will be studying Philosophy and Theology.

Nawaz was only 14 when dastardly terrorists carried out their attack at his school in Peshawar in 2014. To survive, Ahmad played dead and was able to make it out of the incident alive.

Though Ahmad bravely survived the attack but he witnessed the horror of the massacre and his teacher get set on fire by terrorist militants. He also suffered multiple injuries on his arm and was given special treatment at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Recalling the school attack, Nawaz says:

Fifteen days later, while recovering from my injuries in hospital, I found out that my brother Haris had been killed in the attack. That morning he hadn’t wanted to go to school but I had forced him and now he was dead, shot in the head while trying to save someone else. He was only 13, a year younger than me. In that moment, I was suddenly broken into pieces. I was angry. I remember thinking that no one should have to suffer like this. No one should have to see that pain in their parents’ eyes.

Ahmed Nawaz

Not only he had to witness his teachers friends being shot and burned alive, his injuries were so severe that his doctors told him that his left arm would be amputated. However, the young student refused to give up endured five painful surgeries in Peshawar.

More importantly, Nawaz did not let a tragedy define his future and, against all odds, completed his GCSE exam with flying colors and is on his way to study in the prestigious Oxford University.

We applaud him for being so brave and wish him all the success!

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