9th grader commits suicide


A 9th Grader Committed Suicide Because Of Getting Low Marks And That’s A Serious Concern

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The new trend off getting high grades, high merits in schools & colleges, and above all, the pressure from family and relatives have been taking lives of many students since long. The problem is that they judge students by their grades. Grades or marks is just a stat that only views your performance in a test.

Grades only show how much you got in that test; it does not tell your level of knowledge.

A recent example of this was, a 9th grader committing suicide after getting low marks in SSC examination. According to multiple reports, Amir, a student of class 9th in Peshawar Model who got 418 marks committed suicide.

Everyone has different talents, abilities, and strengths – everyone learns differently. And just because you don’t do well in school doesn’t mean you aren’t smart. Or capable. Or worthy of success.

Strictly speaking, the fear of people judging “chi khalakba sa wai”, parents’ pressure “Na khamakha ba doctor/engineer jorege” and future insecurities “chi zama ba makhke sa kegi” are most probably the reasons that enforced him to commit suicide. Most students give up on their life because their parents superimpose a direction on their children which is harmful for them in many ways. They set such targets for them which sometimes the children fail to achieve.

As soon as the news was posted on social media, people couldn’t help but share their grievances

Teachers, Parents, Relatives and the society was to blame..


This death of a young student highlights one of the most serious problems that this society faces

In recent years, students, parents and teachers have put an extremely high emphasis on the grades that students earn. This has caused problems regarding how people view others.

School was meant to encourage students to put forth the most effort in their schoolwork. However, nowadays, students are being defined by their grades.

Students who work hard in school sometimes never earn straight As. Frustration takes over and they become disappointed with themselves, no matter how hard they tried.

Why is it that we become so down on ourselves after we receive our scores?

Why do we let our grades define us? Believe it or not, tests actually don’t show how smart you are!

No way. You’re joking.

Let this sink in for a second:

Can you imagine if we told kindergarten students that they’re only worthy based on whether or not they can color perfectly in the coloring book lines? “Sorry Ayesha, you didn’t make it to first grade because you colored out of the lines.”

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