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Akhtar De Mubarak Sha: 8 Ways You Can Celebrate Akhtar This Year While Staying Home

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Eid in a pandemic is a different experience altogether; no hugs and kisses, no large gatherings and hence the fun of evening parties and late night dinners is missing. We already celebrated Eid ul Fitr under strict lockdown and now it is time for the second festive occasion of the year — Eid ul Azha — and BBQ nights won’t be the same anymore as the spirits this year are a little low.

Keeping in mind that we are living in an unprecedented times, especially for younger generation, an Eid without a housefull BBQ party at home with your cousins and friends is no celebration.

But there is always a way to put a positive spin on even the saddest of situations. To set the right example, we penned down a few ways in which you can celebrate Eid, have plenty of fun, while also practising social distancing and respecting the lockdown.

Apply nakrezi/henna


If henna is hard to source, a brown sketch pen leaves the same tint as that of henna, as does concentrate red food colouring. Apply basics henna designs to yourself and your loved ones, so what if this year you couldn’t hire the best henna artist, channel your inner artist and brighten up the spirits of Eid. After all, isn’t Eid all about making the most of life with what we have?

Go virtual

Stranded away from your family and friends? Well, maybe you won’t be able to feed them with your hands, but we don’t live in the Dark Ages anymore. Pick up that phone and a plate of biryani and get on a virtual phone call with your loved ones, you can even get on a Zoom call and speak, eat with multiple people. It can be your own virtual Eid party.

Pray at home

Most courties and leading Islamic organisations across the world have directed people to pray at home and not congregate at mosques. While this may seem a bit depressing, it is worth it. Your family and your own safety is very important, and given the present circumstances, by putting the safety of other’s before your own is also an act of kindness. Organise your own jamaat with your family, and pray together. This will surely lift everyone’s spirits.

Social distancing

While lockdown restrictions have been eased in certain parts of the country, let us not forget that the number of Coronavirus cases in on the rise. Do not get carried away, even if you do meet your own neighbours do not hug them if you get food parcels at home, make sure to sanitize them. Use hand santizers, face masks and sanitize surfaces at all times.

Cook up a storm, a healthy storm

Since this year you won’t have a barrage of guests coming over to your house, you can stick to cooking smaller, healthier meals for yourself, and if you are staying with family then for them as well. Staples like Biryani and Sheer Korma are a must, but make sure you drink plenty of juices and water to beat the summer heat this time around. Also have more nuts and immunity boosting foods as the entire month of eating in moderation may have lowered your immunity.

Help around at home

This is for those who are staying with their parents, or for those better halves who don’t like household chores. With the number of delicacies being made on Eid day, the number of chores and dishes is bound to go up as well. So try to help around at home and be more kind and compassionate, helping those who are running around doing all the housework, mostly our mothers.


Ramadan and Eid are all about Zakaat (charity), so while you may feel sad about not having new clothes or being able to meet your friends, don’t forget that there are those who don’t even have enough food to break their fast, or any money to even be able to take their families back home. Ensure that you do not have anything in excess while others suffer, share your resources with the needy. Give rations, clothes, toys, food and more to those around you who seem like they are in need. If one can do more, one always should. Helping others always automatically lifts up one’s spirits.

Dress up!

Just because you didn’t buy new clothes and aren’t going to be able to meet your friends and family doesn’t mean you don’t dress up. Make the most of the festival by wearing the best outfit in your wardrobe. Dressing up is scientifically known to elevate one’s mood, after all if you dress better, you feel better.

Lets not make Eid into just another holiday, or just another day, because it’s not. Our daily activities can be altered for at least three days. Eid is a time of togetherness, lets try spending it with the ones we love.

Eid this time may also not be spent with as much as zeal due to the recent spate of attacks on the Chaman border that have left many injuries and some even lost their lives just a day before Eid. Therefore, let’s all pay respects to all the ones who lost their lives at the cost of terrorism.

Lets hope and pray that next Eid and the many more to come after that, issues such as security aren’t going to pose to be a problem and hopefully, our nation will bounce back, stronger and more resilient, with a renewed love for a festival which we used to love so much.

Wishing everyone, celebrating today as well as tomorrow, a happy and responsible Eid ul Azha!

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