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10 Of The Most Kick-Ass Dialogues By My Pashtun Mom Which Every Kid Can Relate To

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Pashtun mums, loud and loving in equal measure, are a collective force of mother nature. From guilt-tripping to good advice, delivered with a dollop of tadka, they always seem to have a trick up their sleeves to whip their kids into shape.

Their undying, overflowing love for their children and their sharp tongue makes for some hilarious dialogues that we can relate to.

Here are some things you’ve probably heard a Pashtun mum say:

Wai gharka/duba shuma!

Translation: Alas! I’m doomed!

wai doba shuma

Standard response to anything that goes wrong.

Ma la burqa/parhoni rakai za pakhpala zam

Translation: Give me my burqa, I will go do it myself.

ta raka da burqa

Gosh! This dialogue is just so overdone! *ROLLING MY EYES*

Chi spay hum charta keni nu awal pa lakai zan ta zay safa ki

Translation: Even the dog cleans the place with his tail before he sits.

chi spay um charta keni

Welp, we don’t have a tail mom!

Ka za darpasedam ao daghalta prot wo nu bya ba goru

Translation: If I came up and found it there, I won’t spare you.

ka za darpasedam

Can’t find something at home? Ask your mom. No matter where it’s hiding, Pashtun moms always find everything.

Da chi za na yam nu tasu ba sa kawai?

Translation: What will you guys even do If I’m no more?

da chi za na yam

Oh ma please, why can’t you think positive for once.

Ta os dumra ghata shwe chi ma ta chal khaye!?

Translation: You are not so old that you will teach your mother!

mor ta chal ma khaya

Mom! I was just trying to help…but, forget it!

Tola wraz pa de mobile ki lagya ye. Khudaye khabar chi sa gory paki.

Translation: You’re always on that damn phone. God knows what business you have going in your phone?

tola wraz pa mobile ki

Mori they are my friends and I miss them! *Puppy eyes*

Samegy ka na sam di kam?

Translation: BEHAVE! Or do I have to MAKE you behave again?

samegy ka na

No, no need to answer that. You get beaten up anyway.

Mori da charta kedam? “Rasha zama pa de sar ye keda!”

Translation: “Mom where do I put this?”
“On my head!”

rasha za pa sar ye keda

Gee, thanks mum. It’s not like you say it like all the time!

Tola uraz khob k charta garza ragarza hum kana laka da murdari prot ye!

Translation: You keep laying like dead on your bed all day! Why don’t you go out sometimes!

kat di starhey ko

Can’t have long naps when mom’s home.

And never say NO, I repeat never say no to her, whenever she asks you to run for errands.

Be it any situation that you are in, every Pashtun mum makes sure to make you realize “WHO IS THE BOSS” of the house.

Did I miss any dialogue that is commonly used by Pashtun moms? Let me know in the comments.

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