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Pakistani Twitter Has Found A New Meme Trend And It Is Zartaj Gul’s ‘19 Points’

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Coronavirus has got everyone going going crazy either with fear of being infected or its repercussions. Moreover, seeing how the government and healthcare authorities have been working day and night to keep the people of Pakistan protected and safe is applaudable.

However, government officials often do blunders and honest mistakes which is funny and amusing for the general public.

Something similar happened recently with PTI’s beautiful and talented MNA, Zartaj Gul Wazir, when asked regarding COVID-19. The 35 year old minister of climatic change provided us with an interesting insight.

Climate minister Zartaj Gul’s hilarious definition of COVID-19 leaves everyone in tears

While explaining the current situation regarding the novel coronavirus, the climate minister said ‘COVID-19 means it has 19 points, which can be applied in any country in any way’.

She continued to mention that the ‘CO’ in the name COVID-19 stands for ‘corona’, the ‘VI’ for ‘virus’, and ‘D’ for ‘disease’.

Cherry on top: she confidently said the number 19 in COVID-19 is because Coronavirus has 19 ways of entering into a body – well actually she said 19 ways of entering into a country, but we gather this is what she was intending to say.

Pakistani twitter got a new meme trend

After her blunder, Zartaj Gul has become the new internet meme on Twitter. With #ZartajGulWazir trending, people across the country are making memes on her because if there is one thing that Pakistani’s are good at, it is creating memes out of nothing.

Here’s how the people reacted:

The story gets interesting when you realize this isn’t the first time the Climate minister has given illogical comments. Zartaj Gul Wazir has given many interesting statements since she won the seat. And while we don’t wanna judge or inquire her position, Pakistanis are concerned if she really deserves to hold office as the Minister of Climate Change.

Whether she desrves the seat or not, that’s a debate for another time.

But one thing is for sure: ministers like Zartaj Gul are not only beautiful, they also how to cheer the public up. Or do they?

What are your views on this? Share with us in the comments below.

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