vigil for kabul attack victims


This Afghan Fashion Brand Hosted A Global Vigil For The Victims Of Kabul Attacks

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Kabul has been pursuing peace for quite a long time now. With the world leaders involved, Afghanistan is still looking out for the day when they would feel safe in their own land. Afghanistan is no stranger to attacks even in the holy month of Ramadan. However, this time, the target was a maternity ward. Nothing is humane about carrying out horrid attacks on any living being. but, attacking women in labor and babies is extremely monstrous and abhorrent.

Even after a week of this spine-chilling attack, the grief is still alive for the mourning hearts. Besides the empty reactions of world leaders, users on twitter have not been able to recover from the shock. The Kabul hospital attack would be placed in the box of offenses which brought the humanity together.

Each victim of that traumatic day carries a story that can not be processed by any human with a heart. To provide a helping hand, REFA organization that is fighting the pandemic of Covid-19 in Afghanistan, has expanded their services to the victims of the Kabul hospital attack. Along with that, they have opened a fund service where people can place their donations directly for the grieving victims on 

Mourners are encouraged to express their assistance in the form of benefactions in these hard times.It is an opportunity to bring ease in the lives of innocent babies who lost their mothers within hours of birth.

Recently, an Afghan clothing brand Avizeh based in UK  held a vigil on May 14, 2020. Due to the unfortunate situation of Covid-19, the vigil was held on a social media space Instagram. Thousands of viewers joined the live session from around the world majorly from parts of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The procession was held with each participant lighting a candle to pay tribute to the martyrs through a show of solidarity.8d5f4ce5 bc95 4f02 b690 a223df113b1669ab3385 baff 4143 b155 03cd704f74c7 1f324110c 6ccf 470c 9c9b ec8cf645ba5c 

This brought in the prominent Islamic teacher as a guest speaker – based in New York named Mahmud – who led a special congregational prayer for the harmony of world community. He expressed his deep sorrow over the tragic attack through mentioning  specific Quranic verses and Ahadith which allowed people to see Islam as a peaceful religion.

The vigil was held to send a strong message and call out the negligence of mainstream media regarding Afghan tragedies. The unified voice through the vigil endorsed that the people of the world are awake and are a witness to the actions of the ruling elite.

The participants were in tears and doubtful of the day when peace would be in the air of Afghanistan. The legacy of hope which the Afghanis have been carrying, has gradually turned into a burden of false dreams.

Even with the deal of peace on table, lives of Afghanis are still prone to despicable attacks. Today, when an average man is looking out for life on Mars, an Afghan man is still looking out for a day in peace. 

We pray for the souls of all the martyrs.

Toro tyaro pase ranra razi. May we live to see peace in Afghanistan. 

Stasu Raaye