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This 16-year Old From Swat Made It To PBR And We Couldn’t Be Any Prouder

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So while everyone was wondering about the hassle in khpal Pekhawar due to BRT, Pashteen’s nervous breakdown and Pakistan’s water crisis, this guy was making zamung Pakhtunkhwa proud by being recognized by PBR as the youngest film maker.

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His name is Ahsan A Khan and he just made it to the Pakistan Book of Records and got recognized as the youngest film maker in Pakistan.

Ahsan, belonging from Saidu Sharif, Swat, is a 9th grader at Sarosh Academy. He has his own film production firm, namely Pak Film Production; where he, alongwith his colleagues who are also teenage students, produce short films on various social issues.

And the best part is, hes only 16 years old right now.

He still has a lot of years to peak Ahsan started film-making at quite an early age and aims to produce more movies and documentaries to highlight arising issues in the society. He has recently been recognized as the Youngest film-maker by PBR, Pakistan’s first digital book of records aiming to recognize and encourage talented individuals.

Besides Pakistan Book of Records, he has been recognized by numerous other organizations.

Ahsan has been an Ambassador for Innovative Youth Awards #1YA2k17 and was awarded Ambassador’s and Photography certificate.

Ahsan Khan, Pakistan's youngest filmmaker at IYA2k17, Swat
Ahsan as an ambassador at IYA2k17

Recently, Ahsan was invited by Captain Hassan, and Brigadier Kashif and was granted honorary gifts.

Swat's young filmmaker Ahsan Khan receiving an award
Ahsan Khan receiving gift from Brigadier Kashif

Last month, Ahsan was nominated for Emerging Video Artist at #SETA18 and won the Award

Filmmaker Ahsan Khan receiving award at SETA
Swat’s young filmmaker Ahsan Khan receiving an award at SETA’18

Ahsan is receiving nothing but love from his countrymen

ahsan khan pbr comments
Source: PakistanBookOfRecords \ Facebook

Pakistan has proved to itself and the rest of the world that it is gifted with unimaginable talent. All it needs is the right environment and resources — there’s no limit to what Pakistanis can achieve. Let’s appreciate such young talent and encourage them to follow their passion and excel throughout life.

Ahsan, you make us proud. More power to you!

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