Inside Peshawar BRT station

Ban On Carrying And Consuming Of Naswar In BRT Buses Leaves Naswar Addicts Enraged

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In an interesting development, the Peshawar BRT authorities have reportedly banned the carrying and consumption of Naswar while traveling on the buses.

According to the new regulations, no passenger will be allowed to carry Naswar, a powdered tobacco snuff, when boarding on the bus. The passengers will have to hand over the naswar at the bus station before boarding the vehicles.

Talking to PashtoScoop Media, a BRT manager said that the aforementioned action has been taken with aims to ensure that people have a pleasant journey on the bus.

“This will prevent the vehicles from getting dirty as people usually spit in the buses and/or throw naswar wrappers in it,” he said.

The TransPeshawar BRT management has also announced a number of precautionary coronavirus SOPs for travelers, which include compulsory masks, use of hand sanitizers, and maintaining a proper social distancing.

Anyone found not following the new regulations and SOPs will be subject to fine by the regulatory authorities, the manager added.

While some travelers have appreciated the steps, others are complaining with rage and resentment. “We have never imagined a life without naswar—not even a single hour. Just like petrol keeps your buses going, it is naswar that keeps us going. I strongly advise the government to lift the ban on naswar,” Sadiq Shinawri, a passenger on board said.

The Peshawar BRT was finally inaugurated on August 14, 2020, after multiple delays. 

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