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This Illustrator Turned Famous Pashtun People Into Characters From “Among Us”

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This illustrator from Swat decided to turn various Pashtun public figures into characters from his new favorite video game “Among Us” and the results are hilariously cute.

Among Us is a thrilling murder-mystery game aboard a spaceship where you play as either a crewmate attempting to survive or a crafty murderer trying to sneakily slaughter the crew. Although it first released in 2018, Among Us has surged in popularity this summer alongside and Instagram user @iamrebelx couldn’t help but become a fan.

After becoming fond of the game, the illustrator began to think, how would some of the most famous people in the Pakistani-Pashtun community look if they were characters from the game.

These thoughts became the beginning of a series of fun drawings.

More info: Instagram

Is it Malala? Is it Jahangiray or Swatay? Is it Khan Baba? Guess we’ll never know who the impostor is.

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