Noora Ehsas photos leaked

Fans Come In Support As Photos Of Pashto Poetess Noora Ehsas Get Leaked

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While Swat’s famous Pashto poetess Noora Ehsas is often trolled for her ‘unique’ verses and poetry videos on social media — the recent being her verse “Yaw di paki bal uki khu udeki” — this time people have come in support of the young poetess after her private photos were leaked online.

Photos of Pashto poetess Noora Ehas leaked online

The photos, which appears to be hers, were widely shared by Facebook users. In the photos, a girl who appears to be Noora Ehsas, can be seen not covering her face.

This brought trouble to Noora and her family because she is very careful when it comes to public appearances. Noora always wears a veil and never goes out in public without covering her face.

Following the leak, the pictures were circulated on several social media platforms. Unfortunately, a large number of social media pages that have a large audience went too low and started making memes on her.

Jumping on the bandwagon were people in the comments who body-shamed her and called her names.

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Source: Facebook / pashtopage18

Netizens come in support of Noora Ehsas

Among all the hatred and trolls, there were many who spoke in support of the young poetess. Some of her followers took to Facebook to criticise the misuse of her personal pictures and requested others not to forward the images.

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Source: Facebook / pashtopage18

Many users called the author of the post out for body-shaming her

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Source: Facebook / pashtopage18

Others also schooled the Page admins about respecting women, reminding them that they have sisters too

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Source: Facebook / pashtopage18

Some even doubt if the photos really belong to Noora because we have seen other photos being associated with her in the past. We could not verify the authenticity of the photos and Noora is yet to comment on the matter.

Talking about the trend of leaking private photos online, Human rights activist and lawyer Nighat Dad said, “Those who are weaponizing non-consensual images and videos … and those who are forwarding them are committing a crime under PECA. Don’t be a silent bystander, report these tweets and do not forward this violence.”

The 18-years-old poetess is quite active on TikTok and YouTube where she posts videos of herself reading her own poetry. She had long been the victim of trolls and bullies on social media ever since she started sharing her poetry online. Last year, Noora’s relatives even advised her parents to end Noora’s life.

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Despite all the trouble and trolls, Noora has never shied away from expressing herself and her struggle to be a female poet in a male-dominant society is worth all the applause. She also recently opened her own restaurant in Swat – the first to be owned by a woman.

Stay strong Noora, you are a trailblazer for many women who can’t pursue their career due to fear of being harassed!

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