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There Might Be A Ghost In The Streets Of Hayatabad And The Internet Is Losing It’s Sh*t

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Everyone loves a good scary story. But when shit gets real, it starts to get a little uncomfortable. Same is the thing with #PashtunTwitter since yesterday as the story of a possible “sheshaka” roaming in the streets of Peshawa’ts Hayatabad area started taking rounds on the internet.

A rumor has spread that a woman in Abaya appears out of nowhere on the streets of Hayatabat Phase 6 and diseappears all of a sudden.

According to rumors on Facebook, there’s a ‘Sheeshaka’ in Peshawar

A day ago, a Facebook page “Hayatabadians” posted a message which, according to the page admin, was sent by one of their members. The post read that a tall anynoynmous woman in black abaya keeps appearing at different spots in Hayatabat Phase 6 and people in the comment section also approved of it.

According to the Facebook post, a tall anonymous figure dressed in a black Abaya with green Dupata was seen roaming around in Peshawar’s Hayatabad Phase 6. The ghostly figure was seen at multiple spots near Shalman Park, Sher Shah Market, Ibrahim Market, Nawab Market and Food Street areas.

Here’s the photo that took the Pashtun internet by storm:
ghost in hayatabad
Source: @Hayatabadians / Facebook

The post explains that the sender of the picture took oath of it’s authenticity and told us that he captured this picture yesterday night around 11 pm.

The incident reportedly happened near Sher Shah Market area around 11 pm. According to the narrator, he was walking in the streets with a couple of friends when he saw a strange dark figure roaming in the streets. They first thought that it might be some woman from the neighbourhood so they chose not to interact with her. They were afraid that she might get offended if they approache her; given the hour of the night.

The narrator further adds that, after a while, he and his friends and some of his friends tried to chase this masked Abaya figure as they felt something is off about it. When they started approaching it, the the masked figure stared back at them for a moment; then started running away from them and eventually disappeared in a field near Goverment College in Sector F2.

After the figure disappeared, their curiosty grew manifold. They decided to look for the ‘ghost’, and hence scattered in sorrounding areas to find it but there was no sign of the Abaya figure. It was gone. He said that it was more like a guy in Abaya by the body language so that’s why their doubt went strong. “What was really horrifying is the way it ran away. We couldn’t help but think it might be a ghost or something.” says the narrator.

“It ran so fast in the streets. We were trying to chase it but off it went into a field and the very next moment, we could see nothing but our puzzled faces filled with fear and baffle,” he added.

The post from the Facebook page further reads, “After posting this, a female member messaged us confirming that she and her cousins saw it tonight in Shalman Park while they were walking after Iftari. She said that she was wearing black Abaya with dark green Dupata and she was very tall. We were wondering at her height. She was looking horrible having scary aura. It looked at us and we got scared so we lowered our pace of walking so she can go far from us.”

The Facebook post quickly took the Pashtun internet by storm and bagged a gulping of 2k comments and 1k shares within the first 24 hours of it being posted which is quite a big number for a general pashto page on Facebook.

As the word spread, people took the story even to Twitter

People in the comments jumped on the bandwagon

Memes were shared..

I feel so bad for laughing😂😭


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Damn bro who hurt you😭

‘Experts’ shared their raaye as well

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Civilzied sheeshaka😂 bro i-

Some voted for the story to be true

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This guy also tells a similar story

Some people, however, were convinced that the story is a bluff

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The tales of sheshaka are quite famous in Pashtun households and many believe that sheshaka really are a thing. We already know that we are not the only beings that inhabit the planet since the mention of Ghosts/Jinns is in religious scriptures as well. But according to scholars, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all that applies to Jinns since there are many types.

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