Afghan Man Claims To Have Discovered Coronavirus Vaccine


This Hakeem Saib From Kabul Claims To Have Discovered An Antidote For Coronavirus

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Researchers in much developed countries around the world, including the United States, China, Russia, and the European Union, have been trying to develop a vaccine for the novel Coronavirus and antiviral drugs for months, but none have succeeded to this date.

It seems like the local hakeems aren’t any less than a scientist either.

A hakim in Kabul claims to have discovered an antidote, vaccine for the treatment of the Coronavirus.

Quite an achievement for an hakeem if it proves to be really working. Can’t believe he actually did it, right? Me neither.

The man, identified as Mohammad Hakim Alokoziai, has been an herbal doctor for many years and now claims to have developed a vaccine made from natural herbs extracts after weeks of studies and research about the disease

Hakim Alokozai, who has been working as sage for more than 25 years now, claims that the drugs he discovered can treat the patients infected with Coronavirus within 30 minutes with taking only three drops of the liquid medicine.

Alokozai claims to have applied what he called a vaccine, to several Coronavirus patients and came up with positive results. According to him, around 300 coronavirus infected patients have recovered after using his ‘vaccine’.

Many of the doctors who didn’t believe his discovery and were teasing his work, Alokozai said, are now taking his medicine to combat the virus.

‘I go to the patients without mask and gloves and give them my drugs and surely can say they will get better within 30 minutes.’

Hakim Alokozai said that his drugs are not posing any harm to the body, as it has been a sage and prophetic medicine with no side affect.

Locals who have used Hakim Alokozai’s medicines claims to have been recovered

Donya Sadiqi, a Coronavius patient who claims to have taken Alokozai’s medicines, said that she took three drops of it with a cup of tea. ‘The drugs appeared working on my body within 15 minutes after taking it, she claimed. ‘After taking three drops of medicine, I am felling very well now.’

Furthermore, he claimed that the Governer of Kandahar, Hayatullah Haya and Public Health Minister Ferozuddin Feroz had also recovered from coronavirus after using his home remedy. 

‘The health minister is fully aware of how quickly he recovered from coronavirus using my vaccine. When I tested it on several patients in Kandahar, they quickly recovered,’ he added.

‘When the health minister contracted the virus, I was asked for the vaccine and I provided it. He is the right person to speak in my support or reject my assertion. The Kandahar governor also recovered only in two days.’

Alokozai’s clinic has been closed because ‘he doesn’t have a license’ for his clinic

After the news of his discovery broke across the country, Alokozai’s clinic caught the authorities’ attention who shut down the clinic because Hakim Alokozai doesn’t have a license.

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) said that the vaccine made by Mohammad Alkozai is being examined and askied people not to use it before the final finding is announced. 

Ashaqullah Saadati, head of MoPH diagnostic centre and laboratories, said the ministry has formed a delegation with the task to look into Alkozai’s claimed discovery and analyse it’s effectiveness. 

‘It is simply impossible for someone to create a vaccine at home in a short period of time. This vaccine requires at least 18 months of research,’ he explained, saying the ministry would examine the ingredients of the remedy.

He also cautioned the people to heed guidelines from the health ministry and avoid using unprescribed medicine. 

Meanwhile, Khushal Nabizada, Kabul head of the public health department, announced that after tests and obtaining a license, this person can prescribe his medicine, and if he has created and/or tried to scam people, he will face the law and be prosecuted.

Kabul University teacher Mahmood Marhoon wrote on his Facebook page: ‘Abu Rehan Al-Beruni had not studied at Oxford or Cambridge (University) but he is globally acknowledged as the father of medicine.’

The lecturer remarked: ‘Today, a man has once again come down from mountains to rescue Abu Rehan’s country from a public health disaster. Regrettably, some people have made him the butt of jokes even before examining the vaccine and reaching the bottom of the matter.’

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