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Gul Panra’s Secret Marriage: Fans React To Pashto Singer’s Rumored Wedding

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While most celebrities announce their weddings online, there comes celebs who keep their marriage under wraps, strictly away from the media glare. So sneaky!

I mean, yes we’re all for privacy—it is an intimate moment in two people’s lives, after all—but we just had to know what makes two people want to wed in secret. It’s usually weddings like these which sparks the most conversations on social media when the secret is out.

Social Media suggests that Pashto Singer Gul Panra has recently got married in secret

The rumors about Gul Panra, a popular Pashto pop and rock singer, getting married in a secret wedding ceremony recently took the internet by storm. Ever since the ‘news’ broke out on a local Facebook community page, Gul Panra’s marriage has become a hot topic among her fans.

According to sources, a Facebook page named “What is going on in Peshawar” recently shared the ‘news’ about the proposed wedding which spreads far and wide like a forest fire.

Photo of Gul Panra's rumored wedding
Source: Facebook \ WhatisgoingoninPashawar

According to the Facebook post, Gul Panra’s nikkah ceremony had been held recently without informing the press or inviting many guests.

If reports are to be believed, Gul Panra’s husband is a business man. Their wedding was a very low-key affair, and not many from the film or music industry were invited.

The reason behind Gul Panra’s hush-hush affair is said to be her husband’s involvement in politics. That might explain why the couple decided to tie knot secretly with just close family members in attendance to avoid anything getting jinxed.

Are the rumors of Gul Panra’s wedding true?

The soft-spoken singer is yet to comment on rumors about her marriage. Her social media handles show no updates about her marriage so far. She had made her last post on Facebook on May 13 in which she wished Happy Eid Mubarak to her fans.

Gul Panra
The latest update on Gul Panra’s official page is her wishing her fans a Happy Eid

Tribal News Network, a local news outlet said that confirmation of Gul Panra’s marriage could not be made through credible sources. They did, however hear from a person close to the singer that the marriage took place two months ago. The source also confirmed Gul Panra’s husband, indeed, is a businessman. On the other hand, another close relative of Gul Panra has reportedly termed the news of the singer’s secret wedding as nothing but rumors.

TNN also claimed that Gul Panra is currently in the United States and they could not contact her to ask for a comment.

Gul Panra’s fans react to the rumors

The news of the pop singer’s alleged secret wedding came as a joyless surprise to her lovers. The comment section under the post was full of Gul Panra’s fans saying they were shocked to hear about the marriage, hoped that it is not true.

Shahzad Fahad, a diehard fan of Gul Panra commented that he is heartbroken and unable to live with it. He also added that the rumors of Gul Panra’s marriage can only be confirmed by PML-N leader Arbab Khizer Hayat Khan as he was supposedly among the very few who attended the secret wedding.

Waleed Khurshid, another of her followers jokingly said that he is sending a legal notice to Gul Panra’s husband. He refused to acknowledge Gul Panra’s marriage and coined it as zulm (unfair). Another fan said in his comment that what would he do now when Gul Panra has got married.

While many fans were sad about their favorite singer marrying off to someone unknown, some people said they were happy. Bacha Gul commented that he is happy over the marriage and hoped that those who were hoping to marry Gul Panra are now in peace. Another user said that several lovers are heartbroken and now they don”t know what to do.

Gul Panra's wedding
Photo of Gul Panra’s rumored wedding, shared by a local Facebook page

Weddings of celebrities and public figures always hog the limelight. Where the couple is getting married, which date are they getting hitched on, which designer is designing their attire, and what not — for several weeks, every tiny detail of the wedding surfaces.

Gul Panra, however, has always remained silent about her relationships and personal life. The rumors about her alleged affair with some politician or a businessman has been around for quite some time, but no one expected that her wedding would be a hush-hush affair.

Recently, Gul Panra opened up about her struggle starting a career as a female musician in a Pashtun household. She also complained that a section of media sometime ran baseless news about her. “I think media should play a responsible role. Recently news of my death ran on media which pained me and also hurt my family members and fans. I can only request to please confirm any news about artists and celebrities,” Gul Panra said.

What do you think of Gul Panra’s supposed marriage? Do you think she really tied the knot? Share your views in the comments section.

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