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Yes, Chowmein Samosas Is A Thing And It Has People On Twitter Divided

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Everyone likes trying new things. Especially when it comes to new food, we often find ourselves wanting to explore more and more. And then there are people who take their food love to a whole new level and try crazy combinations of their favorite food.

It is things like these that goes viral instantly, be it for the innovation or for something people just cannot fathom. These Chowmein samosas, for instance, are the new talk of the town and people cannot decide how to react to it.

How did it all started?

Is it a unique food street recipe or a new innovation by someone who just got bored staying home during the lockdown? Let’s figure it out, shall we?

It all started with a tweet Sharmila Faruqi, a Pakistani politician posted with a picture of an extraordinary samosa.

Now all the samosas we have known till date had aalu and qeema within, but this one had Chowmein!!! And that’s what sparked the debate which has the internet divided.

Twitter users erupted all over the country, and a debate started. While some people rooted for the new innovation, some were seen bawling at the picture.

Here’s how people reacted to the photo:

Some people just couldn’t bear the ‘disrespect’ of two delicacies like that

This twitter user just said it all with a single word: NO!

I mean, we are a very decisive nation. Even the adventurers didn’t feel so adventurous:

If some can hate it, some can love it too

Few Twitter users had no idea why the new cuisine was getting this much amount of hate. We all are different and have unique taste buds, so some can find what they see amazing.

This dramatic tweet just couldn’t put up with the overreacting because food is food at the end of the day:

One twitter users grew so fond of it, he wanted to get his hands on them too.

To this day, it remains a mystery if she made it herself given that the lockdown is awakening the chef in everyone or whether she found this extraordinary food fusion somewhere else.

Needless to say, street food holds a special place in our hearts, and we often refuse to allow modifications in it. Let’s wait and see if, after this immediate Twitter sensation, the Chowmein Samosas will be here to stay or will they be forgotten.

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