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This Waterfall In Peshawar Is Our New Favorite Picnic Spot, Here’s Everything You Need To Know

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Pakistan is, without a doubt, one of the ‘blessed with the best’ countries of South East Asia filled with a variety of natural and historical riches yet to be discovered. It goes without saying that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa stands first when it comes to natural beauty and tourist attractions. The breathtaking sceneries and mesmerizing nature it holds within are unmatchable. From its lush green valleys and gigantic mountains to rich landscapes, the province literally has so much to offer to its tourists.

From time to time, tourists amaze us with their discoveries of breathtaking places that we don’t know existed—such as this beautiful waterfall that was recently discovered in Peshawar!

Here’s everything you need to know about Peshawar’s new waterfall!

A new waterfall was recently discovered in Peshawar. Known as Bora among the locals, this little waterfall has become new tourist attraction. Since its discovery, the spot have attracted nature lovers from both near and far who returned home singing its praises.

The waterfall was apparently discovered by a local tourist a couple of months ago. As soon as the news spread on social media, a large number of locals had already found themselves visiting the area to witness the new discovery.

When was it discovered?

According to sources, a guy named Dildar was the first to have discovered the waterfall back in September . Dildar soon took it to social media and start promoting it. Turns out Dildar really proved he is a dil-dar because his little discovery soon caught people’s attention and the waterfall quickly became a famous ecotourism hotspot filled with lush greeneries.

As of today, the Bora waterfall has now become a major picnic spot where nature lovers are seen everyday having quality time with their friends and family.

Where is it located?

The Bora waterfall located in along the Matni road, in a sub-division in the outskirts of Peshawar known as Hassan Khel. Specifically, the waterfall is about 2 hours drive away with a distance of 50 km from the main Peshawar city.

Since the waterfall is located uphill, visitors will have to hike through the steep hill to reach the spot and get the taste of the crystal clear running waterfall. Visitors will witness lush green trees and scenic beauty along the way.

Should you pay it a visit? Is it really worth it?

All the best picnic spots have one thing in common: Visiting them tend to improve our mental health and emotional and physical well-being. It also provides an excuse to exercise, a chance to relax, improve respiration and a deeper appreciation for our time here on Earth.

Bora Waterfall is, plainly put, absolutely beautiful and worth a visit for someone who likes little picnics and adventures with their friends and family. And though the hike to the waterfall may be strenuous, it’s undoubtedly worth the experience.

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Picture credits: Engr. Arif Khan

If you’re one of those people for whom bigger is always better, Bora waterfall may not be of interest to you. But for those who appreciate natural beauty more than size, their picturesque setting makes this a must-see.

Indeed a visit to this little wonder could yield rare wildlife settings. It also reassures us that places like this where nature can thrive still exist in Peshawar. Would you be visiting Bora waterfall soon? Let us know in the comments.


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