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Alamgir Wazir Has Been Missing After His Speech At The Solidarity March And People Have Had Enough

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The student solidarity march which took place this Friday has taken the country by storm. After decades of complete prohibition on unions in education institutions, the students held countrywide protests for the restoration of student unions.

The solidarity march was a movement of students that aimed to fight against ban on student unions and the militarization of campuses in the name of security.

The movement received massive support from people nation-wide and across the borders

The Student March received endorsements from renowned public figures who showed their support for the rights of students and asked people to join the march.

Apart from national figures, the march also received support from international bodies. In an open letter to the government, the Pakistan International Students Alliance stated that the ban on student unions has ‘not only significantly restricted the ability of students to politically mobilise themselves and silenced their political voices, but also prevented students from campaigning on issues crucial to their well-being such as campus safety, fee hikes, accommodation security and many others’.

The letter has been signed by almost 40 various student bodies including those of Harvard University, Cornell University, McGill University and the National University of Singapore.

A day after the Students March on Saturday, student activist Alamgir Wazir from the Punjab University has gone missing.

A gender studies’ student at the Universty of Punjab, Alamgir Wazir came into the spotlight after his “fierce” speech at the students solidarity march. A video of his speech during the march quickly went viral all across social media where he says “We are asking for education, justice, and roads but they are giving us guns”.

A day after the march, Alamgir Wazir has been reportedly gone missing from his university. According to his cousin Riaz Khan, Alamgir was allegedly abducted by unidentified persons from the university. He was visiting the campus to receive his degree in BS Gender Studies, which he had completed last year.

Alamgir is the son of Farooq Wazir and nephew of Ali Wazir. His father Farooq Wazir, was shot dead by state-sponsored militants as he stood against the horrendous Talibani. According to sources, a total of 17 members of his family have been extra-judicially killed.


Student Rights Activists soon took it to Twitter about the abduction and people started speaking up

The news of Alamgir Khan Wazir’s sudden disappearing fueled a nationwide outrage. Students activists on social media demanded the authorities to release Alamgir Wazir and staged numerous sit-ins across the country against the illegal abductions.

Students from Punjab University have been protesting outside the vice chancellor’s office since Wazir went missing, demanding his release. According to the protesters, Wazir has been arrested for chanting slogans against the authorities.

Amnesty International, a renowned human rights organization also condemned the detention of peaceful protestors

Abducting a youth leader for taking part in a country-wide peaceful march shows how insecure the “security apparatus” feel. Alamgir Wazir’s family has already faced enough brutality from terrorists & cruel state repression. They must not be marginalized any further.

The government needs to spot radicalizing Pashtuns again by repeating the same strategic depth policy (in an other form ofcourse) over and over.

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