'Tasty Peshawar' Group Rules - PashtoScoop

Pakheruno! This is a small list of in-house rules that we have to abide by when it comes to adding members to or posting content and comments in the Tasty Peshawar Group. These will also be applicable for the PashtoScoop Foodies page, website and all other platforms.

A community that’s dedicated to food, dining out and recipes. Write your reviews, share your recommendations and your secret recipes. Tell us about the site where you saw a great cooking tip. Be funny, be wicked and have a sense of humour. Let’s take it all in good faith and help each other learn about food and bring in good times. Cheers!!


  1. All discussions on the group have to be related to food and foodies. Everything is on the table when it comes to discussions.
  2. Chefs, home-bakers, home-chefs and restaurant owners can share posts on the group but any deal/page link/commercial website will not be allowed. Contests/giveaways/campaigns from other websites are not allowed on the group.
  3. All recipes shared in the group will eventually be shared on the IFF website and due credit provided to you. If you would not like to share the recipe on our website, please let the administrators know.
  4. Recipes, pictures of food, queries and reviews are permitted. Blog links are allowed only in the comment section.
  5. If you make a dish based on a recipe you found in the group, please post a picture and acknowledge the person who’s recipe you used. Nothing pleases a cook more than to have someone tell them that they followed their recipe
  6. Members may not explicitly promote anything on the group or ask for visits, likes, votes etc. Any and all promotions on the group have to be communicated to [email protected].
  7. Try and give due credit for images, posts, recipes and links, wherever possible, especially when it is someone else’s intellectual property. #Goodvibes only!
  8. Members will not run contests, giveaways or any other promotion on the group without prior consent of the admin.
  9. Do not personally message any member of the group, especially on having been asked not to.
  10. Socially unacceptable behaviour, including being rude, racist and vulgar will not be allowed and will lead to removal and being banned from the group.

Moderation happens through the day, and in case of any issues, you can write to us at [email protected]. You can also tag a moderator in case you need help.